Ninja and Nadeshot’s awkward debate ends Warzone stream

Instagram: Ninja, Nadeshot

100 Thieves owner Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag decided to end his stream after getting into an awkward debate with Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins over how they should play Call of Duty: Warzone.

The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare battle royale title released on Tuesday, March 10, and all of the top streamers across YouTube, Twitch and Mixer flocked to it, with the game reaching 6 million players in the first 24 hours.

With the drop, Ninja and Nadeshot have started playing together quite frequently, with their shared knowledge of both battle royale titles and Call of Duty seemingly the perfect combination to rack up wins in Verdansk.

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Twitter: Nadeshot
Nade and Ninja have been friends for a long time, so this little blip shouldn’t affect them too much.

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However, not many had considered what happens when you throw two competitors into the mix together that have fundamentally different styles of play.

Ninja is an aggressive player dating back to his Halo days, who takes every fight possible, whereas Nade has always been the slower, more methodical guy that plays the objective no matter what.

During the March 12 stream, Ninja called out Nadeshot for a play that he claimed was “doing absolutely nothing,” with the 100T founder snapping back, telling the Mixer star to “shut the f**k up” and asking if he needs Ninja telling him to play a certain way.

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Despite the fact the two are clearly friends, Nadeshot wasn’t having any of it, questioning in what way Ninja was helping him or the team at that moment in time.

He died shortly after and lost his 1v1 in the Gulag, his chance to return to the match, immediately looking frustrated and quitting out of the game before saying that he’s going to be ending his stream there.

It was probably perfect timing considering things were heating up, and we all know the feeling of just needing a break from a game after so long playing it.

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Obviously, this isn’t a rarity in gaming. It’s not just Ninja and Nadeshot who have heated moments when gaming, and more often than not most players will argue with their friends over certain aspects of the game, and that’s part of the beauty of it: that you have your arguments and forget about it the next day.

Needless to say, you’ll likely see Ninja and Nade playing again like nothing ever happened, and at the very least it made them feel a little more real to the thousands of people that look up to them as their idols.

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