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New Weapon Mastery Calling Cards & Emblems leaked in Modern Warfare

Published: 19/May/2020 22:25

by Albert Petrosyan


Call of Duty dataminers have found and leaked the visuals for new weapon Mastery Calling Cards and Emblems that will soon be releasing in Modern Warfare.

Rewards and cosmetic items for mastering guns have always been popular in pretty much every Call of Duty title that they’ve been added to, and it looks like the next one will be Modern Warfare.

They give players additional in-game goals to strive for, so that all the completionists out there can have new objectives to complete after finishing all the day-one challenges.

On May 19, courtesy of CoD leakers, a bunch of never-before-seen Calling Cards and Emblems surfaced online – complete sets for each gun that’s currently in the game.


Each set includes both a Calling Card and Emblem for unlocking Gold, Platinum, Damascus, as well as the recently-added Obsidian mastery camo.

Infinity Ward / CoD TrackerThe Damascus Mastery Calling Card for the M4A1 assault rifle in Modern Warfare.

The Emblems are everything that someone would want in the design – they’re shiny, metallic, and animated, giving players another way to boast about their in-game accomplishments.

While the Calling Cards aren’t animated, they feature a similarly elegant look that will let all of your opponents in the lobby know that you’re someone to fear once that match begins.

Hundreds of them have been leaked – eight for each gun – and you can check out the entire collection by visiting CoD Tracker.


Infinity Ward / CoD TrackerEach gun has eight new mastery cosmetics – four Emblems and four Calling Cards.

While this may be our first look at these new mastery rewards, the fact that they exist isn’t a surprise. Joel Emslie, Art Director at Infinity Ward, had teased this feature a while back, saying that it was under development and would be released at some point down the line.

They definitely look finished, but the only question remains is when they’ll be rolled out in-game. Considering that the Obsidian mastery camo was released midway through Season 3 means that Infinity Ward wouldn’t shy away from doing the same with these.

However, they could also be something that the developers may want to save for Season 4 so that the game’s next chapter will introduce a flashy new addition for players to enjoy.