New Warzone Stim glitch is completely ruining 1v1s

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A Call of Duty: Warzone Stim glitch seems to be making the item perform in a way that isn’t completely outlined, leading many to believe that the equipment is malfunctioning in Warzone.

Stims have been one of Warzone’s most popular items since the game launched as their ability to provide almost instantaneous healing has proven to be a huge temptation. The allure of quick health to get you straight back into a gunfight has been too good to pass up.

But also during the Stim’s lifetime, Warzone has been subjected to multiple instances of the dreaded Stim glitch, and players have also learned to skillfully use it to endure the gas for even longer. Recently though, it seems like the advertised effects of the Stim are not working as stated.

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Warzone Stim not working properly?

The official description for the Stim is as follows: “Military stimulant that cauterizes combat wounds and refreshes Tactical Sprint.”

Traditionally, when you’ve got no plates and you’re sustaining damage, a Stim is the quick, pick-me-up you need to replenish some health. They can be essential to winning 1v1s, but an example of Stim use has confused a Redditor: “Can someone explain to me why my Stim didn’t work?”

In their video, the player had no plates, they were getting shot, and had around 10-15% health.

In a potential last act of desperation, the player used the Stim, and their health remained exactly the same. Unbeknownst to the player, they confronted the enemy, believing they had a full bar of health, and immediately got destroyed.

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Replies to the post suggested that it might not be a glitch and it’s a deliberate move from Raven Software as the player actually has the Speed Boost perk.

“Stims don’t work for some reason when you have the speed boost,” said one player, whereas another chimed in saying: “I believe they changed it so it stops healing when you get shot, which tbh is what it should be, one of the streamers put around 20 rounds into a person’s head with an Owen gun and point-blank range when they were pushing him and the guy didn’t drop below 60% health the whole time, they were very broken before.”

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The player was definitely under fire, but they used the Stim in a quiet moment during the skirmish, so it’s hard to tell if this was the cause. But it does seem odd that a Stim will only refresh the Speed Boost and not the person’s health.

We’ll continue to monitor this and see if players experience any other weird scenarios with Stims.