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Never die to Warzone fall damage again with one simple trick

Published: 14/May/2020 7:06 Updated: 18/May/2020 12:47

by Brad Norton


Fall damage can put a sudden end to any Warzone run, but there’s a simple trick you can use to avoid an unnecessary downfall.

There’s no more embarrassing way to go out than to die to your own mistakes in Warzone. Whether that’s crashing a vehicle or cooking a grenade for too long, we’ve all had our fair share of fumbles.

Dying to fall damage is one such mistake that could just ruin your match. If you’re worried about your parachute not opening, or need to make a quick escape, here’s a trick to avoid fall damage completely.


Infinity Ward
Opening your parachute can make you an easy target. Here’s how to avoid it.

How to avoid fall damage in Warzone

Rather than scaling damage depending on your height, Infinity Ward’s battle royale simply has a cut-off. Jumping from a certain elevation will outright kill you, or leave you unscathed.

Drop from up to 13 meters off the ground and you’ll be just fine. However, anything 14 meters or higher and you’ll be downed upon landing. How can you gauge this height in the heat of the moment? A single ping from Warzone’s in-game system will do the trick.

Warzone’s ping system could save your life

Opening your parachute as you drop to the ground can make you an easy target. Not only that, but it also puts away your guns, preventing you from shooting back. 


If you’re looking to get out of trouble in a jiffy, pinging the ground below can help. A quick glimpse at the height of the fall and you’ll know if it’s safe to drop.

Given the size of Verdansk, buildings come in all shapes and sizes. At times it can be difficult to know exactly what kind of fall might kill you. Thanks to this simple trick, that moment of hesitation can now be avoided.

How to fall safely Tips ping the floor where you want to land from CODWarzone


Whether you have years of Call of Duty experience or you’re just starting out with Modern Warfare, there are plenty of nuances for everyone to master in the battle royale, even long after the title first launched.


A simple trick like this could quickly become second nature as you hunt down your next win in Warzone.