Nameless reveals who OpTic Gaming should pick up to solve CDL issues

. 2 years ago
Call of Duty League

Call of Duty League caster and analyst Anthony ‘Nameless’ Wheeler has revealed who he believes OpTic Gaming Los Angeles need to acquire to turn their season around before it’s too late.

OpTic are off to a severely disappointing start, especially considering the fact that this roster is made up of players used to being at the top

But, they’ve failed to really make an impact on the COD League so far, with only two series wins out of the nine they’ve played. Now, Nameless says he believes Toronto Ultra’s Daniel ‘Loony’ Loza is the perfect solution to all of OGLA’s problems.

Loony has won championships in almost every year he’s competed.

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On the Call of Duty League’s official ‘Contesting the Point’ show, Nameless and fellow contestant Philip ‘Momo’ Whitfield, were asked what they would do to turn around OGLA’s poor fortunes, and Nameless was the first to respond.

He said: “There’s no other answer that’s better than this: they go to Toronto and say ‘you have a player on the bench, we have some cash. We want Loony.’ If you put Loony on this team, with these players, they will dominate.”

He went on to reference the last time we saw Loony, Austin ‘Slasher’ Liddicoat and Thomas ‘TJHaly’ Haly playing together, during the World War II season, saying that they were “incredible” on that Rise Gaming roster together.

(Timestamp 24:53 for mobile viewers)

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Nameless clearly thinks a lot of Loony, adding that “if he goes to OpTic he fixes it, point blank period… That team will be on another level with him.”

Toronto Ultra are another team that haven’t been having the best season, with regular alterations to the starting line-up to find what their best choices are going forward, but the option to get a player out so they can either cut their wage bill or find a replacement would no doubt be an interesting prospect.

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Whether or not something like this actually happens remains to be seen; it’s not as easy as simply going over there and asking Loony to switch over, and with so many moving parts at this point in the season, who knows what will happen?

While Loony is one option, there a number of players currently sat outside of their team’s starting rosters that would love to get back on the main stage – so OpTic aren’t completely lost for choice.

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