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Nadeshot reveals which Modern Warfare map is the “worst ever made”

Published: 15/Nov/2019 4:34

by Isaac McIntyre


100 Thieves founder and former Call of Duty pro star Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag has joined the chorus of players slamming Infinity Ward for their map design in the newly-released Modern Warfare, taking aim at Piccadilly in particular.

After years playing under the OpTic Gaming banner alongside superstars like Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter and Seth ‘Scump’ Abner, the Greenwall icon stepped away from the gameplay side of esports, and turned his attention to his own organization.

With the hype around the revamped Modern Warfare release in 2019, the 100T founder returned to the sticks, streaming his return to the Call of Duty grind and even entertaining thoughts of putting together a semi-pro team to compete again.

Like many other stars, however, Nadeshot has been left disappointed by Infinity Ward’s map design, as well as a host of other issues surrounding the game, and took to Twitter to voice his concerns over one of the game’s most notorious maps.

“Piccadilly is the worst Call of Duty map ever made,” he stated.

If that wasn’t enough to drive his point home, the 100T mastermind added he would “rather play that shotgun and knives-only game modes on Stonehaven” if it meant he didn’t have to play “one more second on Piccadilly.”

Scottish-based Ghosts map Stonehaven, alongside city-based Siege, are widely regarded as two of the franchise’s weakest-ever maps, so it’s particularly damning for Picadilly to be ranked lower than them in Nadeshot’s personal charts.

Raven SoftwareNadeshot said he’d even prefer playing on Stonehaven.

Interestingly, after originally voicing his concerns with the London map, it seems the Two-Time has come around to one of the franchise’s most despised creations.

“I’ll go ahead and say it…. Piccadilly is growing on me,” Dr Disrespect said after Nadeshot’s tweet, and added a cheeky stinger to make sure fans knew he was sharing some tongue-in-cheeky thoughts. “Too soon?”

There were those that have strongly agreed with Haag though, and he wasn’t the only former OpTic star to air their grievances either – Matthew ‘FormaL‘ Piper dubbed Infinity Ward “f*cking idiots” for removing the multiplayer mini-map.

“God damn it, where the f*ck is the mini-map? What the f*ck!” he said. “Why the f*ck did you release the CoD without a god damn mini-map, you f*cking idiots. Holy sh*t, that is too funny bro… you f*cking morons.”

It’s not all been ranting, however, with FormaL’s Chicago Huntsman teammate Scump taking a cooler-headed approach to asking for changes.

The 2017 World Champion suggested the developers “fix footsteps immediately,” as well as “nerf the (725) shotgun.” He also added that “the maps aren’t great” and said adding more options, as well as Ground War choices, could solve those issues.

Infinity WardOnly Shoot House, a newly added DLC map, seems to have escaped criticism.

So far, Infinity Ward have been relatively silent in the face of overwhelming outrage from the Call of Duty community though. The devs have made several tweaks to the 725, and tried to balance foosteps, but overall there’s been limited changes so far.

For many, it seems like the issues are reaching a breaking point.

With the new 2020 Call of Duty League already appearing on the horizon, and many may have already moved on from the heavily criticized title, Infinity Ward may need to act soon if they want to save this year’s franchise release.

Call of Duty

Black Ops Cold War leaks suggest new ‘Dropkick’ game mode coming soon

Published: 28/Nov/2020 10:56

by Joe Craven


A brand new Black Ops Cold War game mode, named ‘Dropkick’ and featuring nukes, has surfaced in-game and looks set to be added by Treyarch in the near future. 

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is rapidly closing in on the inception of its first season of content, with developers Treyarch promising a year of incredible support.

We have already seen new game modes in Black Ops Cold War, mainly in the form of Fireteam Dirty Bomb, a 40 player Uranium fuelled arena of chaos. The four-team playlist has been widely praised by the community, joining modes like Fracture and Control on the list of Treyarch-created game modes.

It seems that Black Ops Cold War fans are set to receive another unprecedented game mode, at least if recent in-game leaks are anything to go off.

Fireteam Dirty Bomb screengrab in BOCW
Fireteam Dirty Bomb is a 40-player four-team mode that has become very popular in Black Ops Cold War.

A pre-match loading screen in Black Ops Cold War appears to have released plenty of details about the new mode, which will be called ‘Dropkick’ – barring any last-minute changes from Treyarch.

While the images across the middle of the screen advertise Fireteam Dirty Bomb, the message across the bottom of the loading page gives us our first hints at what Dropkick could entail.

It reads: “If you die while your team is holding the objective you won’t respawn until the carrier is eliminated.”

Dropkick message in Black Ops Cold War
Treyarch/Twitter: @ModernWarzone
The loading screen referencing Dropkick across the bottom.

Other in-game leaks have indicated that Dropkick will revolve around nuclear weapons and codes.

While details remain scarce (obviously), the description of the mode reads: “Gain access to launch codes while holding the objective in Dropkick to deploy a powerful nuke and declare victory.”

Dropkick nuke message in BOCW
Treyarch/Twitter: @ModernWarzone
It appears that a nuke drop will end matches of Dropkick in Black Ops Cold War.

It goes without saying that there’s no guarantee we’ll see Dropkick in BOCW anytime soon. Until we receive official confirmation from Treyarch these leaks remain very much unconfirmed.

However, it is certainly indicative of Treyarch working on new game modes, so keep your eyes peeled on Black Ops Cold War in the near future.