Nadeshot explains why he was “underrated” at CoD champs and relives HBR moment

YouTube: Nadeshot

Four years on from the series that eliminated OpTic Gaming from the 2015 Call of Duty World Championships, Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag discusses his performance and reflects upon that HBR incident in a recent vlog.

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After a mixed bag of results during the season leading up to the CWL Champs in 2015, OpTic were hot favourites to take home the tournament and the lion’s share of the $1 million on offer. 

Before advancing to bracket play, OpTic looked dominant as they swept their group 3-0 and looked on-track to secure the first world championship for their GreenWall faithful. However, they were shortly met by a revitalized Denial Esports, who brought any chance of a Winners’ Bracket run to an immediate halt.

MLGOpTic Gaming were a powerhouse of Advanced Warfare.
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Following a succession of wins in the Loser’s Bracket, OpTic faced FaZe Red, who produced a memorable series win which saw Nadeshot and co. eliminated from the tournament. The GreenWall and fans of the first person shooter emerged immediately after with a flurry of hatred directed towards the then captain of OpTic’s main roster, Nadeshot. 

The iconic moment where Haag pulled out the HBR incident mid-game (in the first map of the series), is where many have pinpointed their demise. 

Although, the now successful CEO of 100 Thieves has since reflected upon that moment and defended his performance, claiming his performance is devalued in the context of the loss: “If anything, my performance at Call of Duty Championships is underrated.”

Timestamp at 3:49 on mobile devices.

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As both his mentor and long-time friend, Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez began by bantering with Nadeshot, claiming: “Nothing has really changed for you, even as a competitor you were just sitting there holding a controller  while everybody else did the work.”

Of course, this baited a reaction from Haag, who went on to defend his performance after briefly mentioning the HBR incident.

“I was double positive” responded Nadeshot, “FormaL, Crim and Scump were all negative, bro. I was turning up, they gave up – I was still fighting.”

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Regardless of the opinions surrounding OpTic’s exit, it will still go down as one of the biggest shocks in competitive Call of Duty, and is most definitely one for the history books. 

His 100 Thieves team are still alive and fighting at the 2019 CoD Champs, hoping to make up for Nadeshot’s own shortcomings.

Disclaimer: Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez is a minority shareholder in Dexerto Ltd.