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Nadeshot believes he may have already had coronavirus

Published: 14/Mar/2020 10:35 Updated: 14/Mar/2020 10:42

by Joe Craven


Popular Twitch streamer and esports entrepreneur Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag has revealed that he believes he may have already had coronavirus, as the global pandemic continues to worsen across much of the world. 

Nadeshot is one of the biggest names in the esports community. A successful career in Call of Duty provided the American with a huge, loyal fanbase, which has since been augmented with successful ventures into more entrepreneurial aspects of esports. 

The 27-year-old has been streaming a multitude of games over the past couple of years, but has recently gravitated back to his roots with the launch of Call of Duty: Warzone, as the new battle royale captivates CoD fans. 


Major League Gaming
Nadeshot was an active competitor for OpTic Gaming from 2010 through to 2015.

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During a March 13 Warzone stream, Nadeshot revealed that he thinks he may have already had Coronavirus, as the sickness continues to spread around much of the world. 

It has already caused chaos in the esports community, with many events and tournaments postponed for later dates. The United States recently declared a national emergency

Much to the surprise of Nade’s viewers, he revealed that he may have already had the respiratory infection: “I went to Vegas with Tim and Ninja and Jack at the end of January for the Conor McGregor fight,” he said. “After I got back, I had the worst flu that I have ever had.”


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“I had a 103-degree (39.4*C) fever for five days,” he explained. A high bodily temperature, alongside a dry cough, is one of the most common symptoms for coronavirus.

“I fully recovered and felt totally fine,” he continued. “But everybody that went got like, deathly ill. Me and Jess, Tyler’s wife, got it the worst. Hector [H3CZ] got sick, his wife got sick, she was there too. She got tested and the doctor said she had Influenza-A, and CNN said that doctors didn’t know how to properly test for corona and they were mistaking it for Influenza-A.” 


The WHO has been stressing the importance of washing hands to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

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“I might have already had coronavirus, no bullsh*t,” he finished. Understandably, many of Nade’s viewers were surprised by the possibility, but also pleased that many of the people who fell ill have since fully recovered. 

Many younger and healthy people are expected to recover fully from coronavirus, while the elderly and those with underlying health conditions are more likely to become seriously ill.

While it remains unconfirmed what illness Nade and his friends may have actually had, it serves as a reminder that most people will fully recover, provided they act rationally and isolate appropriately. Keep washing those hands.