MW2 players want two “annoying” challenges to never return to CoD

Kurt Perry
operator with throwing star leaving after taking out enemy player in mw2.

The Modern Warfare 2 community wants two weapon challenges removed from MW2 and to never return to CoD, Longshot kills and Kills From Behind.

Grinding for mastery gun camos has been an important part of Call of Duty‘s multiplayer since the original Modern Warfare, released in 2007.

Newer entries have innovated on the camo grind with some introducing mastery camos exclusive to each game mode and others having time-limited camos only available during seasonal events.

With each camo grind the devs have to come up with new challenges but players have now grown tired of two that have seen repeated use throughout MW2.

MW2 players dislike Longshot and Kills From Behind challenges

Modern Warfare 2 players have taken to Reddit to complain about two reoccurring weapon camo challenges, Longshots and Kill From Behind.

The post reads: “I like challenges, but these are the two worst and most annoying. Longshots destroy multiplayer because everybody is camping and you can’t move, and people equip the Riot Shield so Kills From Behind are even more annoying.”

Agreeing with the post, one user responded: “The problem is Longshot opportunities on most maps are very narrow lanes that nobody travels through. You are forced to camp the only viable lane and hope someone comes by.”

Another fan had an alternative vision for how challenges should work: “Making challenges based around playing the objective (i.e. get x Defend medals using x gun) would fix some major things that make the game bad right now.”

One reply complimented the current event for doing camo challenges better: “I’m with you, but for the current event challenges they at least put them on weapons that make sense. Longshots for marksman/snipers and backstabs for melee.”

Orion, the mastery camo in MW2 requires over 1,100 Longshots as part of the Platinum section of the grind. Meanwhile, Kills From Behind challenges are less prevalent but are still required for a select few weapons including the Riot Shield.

Adding to that, the new Trophy Hunt Event camo challenge asks players to get another 55 longshots with specific weapons. This is in addition to other challenges that require Operator Kills, Kills From Behind, Headshots, and Hipfire Kills.