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Multiple Modern Warfare perks bugged after February 19 update

Published: 21/Feb/2020 11:27

by Connor Bennett


Modern Warfare players have been reporting some pretty annoying issues with perks not working properly following the recent February 19 update. 

Call of Duty fans finally got what they’d been longing for in October when Infinity Ward dropped an all-new Modern Warfare game with an emphasis on having more realism than usual. 

Despite complaints from players about a litany of things from the maps, to weapons, and game modes, the new release has still been a success. However, a new set of bugs is threatening to ruin one of the key aspects of multiplayer – perks. 

Infinity Ward
Modern Warfare players have been reporting issues with a number of different things since it released.

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Following the February 19 update, which addressed a number of bugs including the ‘Jockworth’ error, multiple Redditors have noted that some perks like Quick Fix and High Alert have not been working as intended.


One in particular, -Stun-, posted a clip from one of their recent matches where they had managed to pick up a few kills and activate Quick Fix as a specialist perk. While the perk should quickly regenerate health, the Redditor was left with a red screen for longer than usual as the game was not giving them any health. 

NEW BUG after today’s patch: Quick fix will not regen health and my screen stays red for a long duration from modernwarfare

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Some players questioned whether or not the Redditor had been shot by someone who was using a gun perk that delays health regen, causing the issue, but others said that -Stun- isn’t the only player suffering from the problems. 


User vKEVUv pointed out that the Quick Fix issue seems to only affect players using Specialist, but that High Alert “just doesn’t work properly in many situations” and “doesn’t activate at all” during matches.

Another poster claimed that EOD has also not been working as a specialist perk, while Marcos340 noted that they’ve had issues with both Cold Blooded and Battle Hardened.  

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Perks not working as intended is a pretty big deal and is definitely something that Infinity Ward will have to look into – if they aren’t already. 

Whether or not further changes will be made and these problems will be addressed still very much remains to be seen but, hopefully, the issues can get ironed out one way or another.