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Modern Warfare hotfix reportedly causing problems with friends lists

by Alan Bernal
Infinity Ward


Modern Warfare players are reportedly finding a bug after the latest patch that’s making their friends list appear completely empty.

After downloading the February 19 hotfix patch, people have been sounding off about the strange bug that’s making their Social page barren – some even indicate they haven’t been able to join their friends in a lobby.

While friends can still appear online, players aren’t seeing the friends they had on the Activision friends list. The glitch has been concerning for players who downloaded the patch that was supposed to be an update for prevalent bugs.

Infinity Ward
Modern Warfare players aren't seeing their friends list after the latest patch.


People have been chiming in on the game’s subreddit, including ‘TLukas123,’ who showed their empty friends list, confused about what had happened.

“After today’s update (hotfix) I lost all my Activision friends and can't send or receive friend request through my Activision account,” they said.

While there have been problems with Modern Warfare’s friends list feature in the past, the latest round of issues seem to have been triggered after today's update.


Reddit user ‘bushoke’ said: “All my Activision friends are gone?! Anyone else having this problem?”

In fact, enough people were affected that some players have been finding a way to work around the glitch to get access to their friends lists again.

Though the bug makes it appear like all the entries were deleted, some have been finding success by getting into a lobby and extending an invite to a random player.


“Happened to me, but I sent a friend request to some random dude in a lobby and it fixed it," user ‘Sanya_The_Evil’ said.

Hopefully, that proves to be a permanent fix to the problem if more players download the latest patch just to find they can’t queue up with their friends.

Initial reactions to the bug made a lot of people confused seeing as the patch that Infinity Ward released was supposed to take care of issues in the game, but managed to add a couple along with it.

If the problem with the friends lists keeps popping up among players, it’s sure to be addressed by the Modern Warfare devs to implement a long term solution.