Multiple ‘leaked’ copies of Modern Warfare received by Twitch streamer

A Twitch streamer under the alias ‘VonGarcon’ claimed to hold multiple copies of Call of Duty Modern Warfare, before its official release on October 25.

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Call of Duty’s latest installment to their long-standing franchise is around the corner, and following the success of the beta, the title is one of the most highly anticipated games of the year. 

October 25 marks the return of Infinity Ward’s bread-and-butter in their flagship title, Modern Warfare. Given the build-up to its release, players are chomping at the bit to get their hands on their copy of the game.

ActivisionThe Modern Warfare beta shattered previous franchise records.
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Although the large majority will have to wait until the official launch, some have already managed to get their hands on an early copy of the game. 

A man going by the username ‘VonGarcon’ on his social platforms claims to have received a host of copies that are simply contained in clear plastic cases. Garcon took the liberty of posting an image of the copies to his Instagram, captioned: “$250 per copy. Von is the plug now.”

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Selling each unit at $250 might appear to be a little steep, but there is evidently a market for those wanting to spend some extra cash since the user has supposedly sold all of the copies

Indeed, some might be skeptical over whether or not these are genuine copies — although the artwork on each disc appears to be consistent and authentic. 

Given the traction that this picked up on Twitter, the streamer promised to adhere to Activision’s terms of use and refused to leak any gameplay. 

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However, according to IGN, the streamer reportedly posted a short gameplay video that showcased a minimap and win-loss counter within the player’s heads-up-display. 

VonGarcon has since removed the Instagram image and any related posts from all of his social channels — assuming that Activision got wind of this and took appropriate action to remain tight-lipped ahead of the game’s release.