Modern Warfare & Warzone May 5 patch notes: new modes, choppers removed

Infinity Ward

Infinity Ward have pushed out another update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on May 5, adding new content and implementing changes to both the multiplayer and Warzone battle royale components.

As Season 3 continues to roll on in Modern Warfare, so does the influx of new content, and developers Infinity Ward have rolled out even more in their May 5 update.

The patch has seriously switched up the available playlists and modes in both multiplayer and Warzone. For MP, Ground War, GW Reinfected, and Cranked, 3v3 Gunfight have been removed, replaced with Demolition and Boots on the Ground War.

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Shoot the Ship has been changed to Shipment 24/7 and a little twist has been added to Gun Game, transforming it to Gun Game Reloaded. In this version, the regular default guns are replaced with special Blueprints, while the format and rules of the mode remain the same.

As for Warzone, Plunder Trios has been replaced with Blood Money Trios and, perhaps more importantly, the helicopters have been disabled in the regular BR modes.

Modern Warfare & Warzone May 5 update patch notes:

  • Replacing Plunder Trios with Blood Money Trios
  • Disabled helicopters in BR
  • Removing: GW Reinfected, Cranked 3v3 Gunfight, Ground War
  • Shoot the Ship becomes Shipment 24/7
  • Gun Game becomes Gun Game Reloaded
  • Adding Demolition
  • Adding Boots on the Ground War
Infinity WardPlayers can enjoy the chaos of Shipment non-stop with the new Shipment 24/7 playlist in Modern Warfare.

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While Infinity Ward did not reveal why they’ve removed helicopters from BR, most believe it’s due to the bugged exploit that was allowing players to use the vehicle to get free victories.

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There’s no timetable on when choppers will be added back, but it’ll most likely be once the developers have figured out a way to patch the glitch.

However, as a way to thank fans for playing through the frustrations that come with such issues, IW have activated a special session of Double XP, Double Weapon XP, and Double Tier Progression that will last until Friday, May 8.

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In terms of cosmetic items, the highly-anticipated new Plunder Pack is now available in the Modern Warfare store. The bundle, which costs 1,200 CoD Points, includes elegant-looking gold skins for all of the different vehicles that can be driven in both multiplayer and Warzone.

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Infinity WardThe new Plunder Pack in Modern Warfare lets you equip Warzone vehicles with gold skins.

There’s also a new Mace Guns Blazing bundles, for 2,400 CoD Points, that features a new outfit skin for Mace, two weapon blueprints, a watch, and much more.

Infinity WardUpgrade your Mace character in Modern Warfare with this intense Guns Blazing cosmetics bundle.

One thing that was missing from this update was the nerfs to akimbo pistols and RPGs that are supposedly coming soon, at least according to one Modern Warfare dev. Both have been among the most controversial aspects of Warzone, so players have been waiting in anticipation for Infinity Ward to push those changes through.

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