Modern Warfare test proves just how overpowered the Riot Shield is


Modern Warfare boasts a variety of weapons that can be classed as ‘overpowered,’ but perhaps none can counter the final boss that is the almighty Riot Shield!

First introduced into the Call of Duty universe in Modern Warfare 2, the Riot Shield is back with a vengeance for Infinity Ward’s reboot.

Now a staple of most Modern Warfare multiplayer matches, the pesky Riot Shield is a difficult weapon to counter — unless you have some form of explosive handy.

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Riot Shield in Modern Warfare.Activision
The Riot Shield deflects bullets with ease.

But surely if a Riot Shielder is in a strong position, any lethal killstreak will pretty much do the job, right? Well, not necessarily, as one player discovered.

MuckinAround145’ set out to test just how overpowered the Riot Shield is by putting up against anything from a Cluster Strike to a Juggernaut — and the results are quite surprising.

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While killstreaks took an early lead with a Care Package, Precision Airstrike and Cluster Strike all taking on the might of the Primary Weapon, the Riot Shield actually managed to deflect some heavy artillery (including a VTOL Jet, Gunship and the Juggernaut killstreak).

In fact, out of 15 killstreaks, the Riot Shield took the win 9 – 6. Although, some results could be questioned. In reality, the IAV would run through a player in a similar fashion to the Wheelson.

Also, the Gunship would have an area of effect much larger than the outline of the shield, considering that both the 25mm rounds and 40mm cannons would spread on impact with the floor.

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Regardless, the video underscores just how handy a Riot Shield can be in the right hands. Plus, to top things off, if you’re running around with Overkill, the Riot Shield will cover your back when not in use — perfect for deflecting bullets from lurking enemies.

But what about Warzone? Well, the Riot Shield is also ideal for closing down enemies in the open while preventing snipers from capitalizing on an otherwise easy kill.