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Modern Warfare players want simple feature to replace map voting

Published: 1/Mar/2020 16:09

by Joe Craven


One Call of Duty: Modern Warfare fan has proposed an alternative to map voting, as developers Infinity Ward don’t seem to be bending when it comes to demand for the popular feature. 

Map voting has been a staple feature in almost every Call of Duty game, despite appearing in slightly different forms. Some gave players the option to skip the next map, or to opt for random if neither of the on-offer maps are favored.

Modern Warfare, however, has no such feature. This, paired with a map pool that many think is average at best, has led to a fairly disgruntled playerbase when it comes to map choice.

Infinity Ward
Infinity Ward
Grazna Raid is an unpopular maps with CoD players.

A lot of Modern Warfare’s criticism has focused on maps, in fact. A number of them – Euphrates Bridge, Grazna Raid and Arklov Peak for example – are big and open, leading to slower games in which players are killed by unseen enemies from obscure angles.

In response to these frustrations, one CoD fan – Reddit user TheHeadache420 – has proposed a system using the ‘Filter’ options that are currently in-game. 

“You could argue that being allowed to filter maps would be somewhat cheating because you could just choose maps you’re good at,” they explained. “But to me it’s the only way I see myself having fun on this game.”

Please let us filter what maps we want to play. from modernwarfare

For MW, Infinity Ward introduced a new ‘Filter’ system, which gives players the options of searching for a certain number of playlists. This includes the normal Hardcore/Core playlists, but offers more customization for players who only want to play one or a couple of game modes. 

The player essentially advocates for this same control when it comes to map selection. In turn, players would be able to enjoy Modern Warfare to a greater extent, and the likelihood of people quitting at the beginning of matches would be reduced. 

Infinity Ward
Infinity Ward
Shoothouse is one of the maps the player says they play a lot, as a result of disliking other maps.

However, developers will be hesitant to add such features, as it would leave the less popular maps all but dormant as players strive to avoid them.

Infinity Ward have been reluctant to add a map voting system, but expanding the already-present ‘Filter’ system seems to be an option that many fans would like.  

Call of Duty

Is the DMR still OP in Warzone? Rumors spread that nerf has been reverted

Published: 20/Jan/2021 12:39

by Alex Garton


Some Warzone players are concerned that the nerfs to the DMR-14 have been reverted and the weapon is back to its overpowered state. But, tests have denied these rumors – though players still have concerns.

Warzone’s integration with Black Ops Cold War was an extremely exciting update for the Call of Duty community. Combining the two games meant that Warzone players could finally enjoy a brand new set of weapons that hadn’t been tested in a battle royale environment.

After a short delay, the update was rolled out on December 16 and the new weapons were introduced into the game. It didn’t take players long to figure out the meta and one gun, in particular, stood out from the crowd. The now infamous DMR-14 – and it wasn’t long before the majority of players began using the weapon and labeling it as overpowered.

The gun plagued multiplayer matches for just over a month before it was nerfed in early January. It finally felt as if the days of the DMR-14 were at last behind us. Well, that was until a rumor began to circulate the nerf had inadvertently been reverted.

Warzone sniper
Warzone’s Season 1 update launched on December 16.

Has the DMR-14 nerf been reverted?

Rumors had begun to circulate among the Warzone community that the DMR nerfs had been reverted. Professional Warzone player Tommey even voiced his concern that the weapon was back to its original state: “Hate to break it to you, but I think they reverted the DMR nerf…”

Of course, news that the DMR had potentially been reverted back to its original power level had Warzone players extremely worried. Well-known figures in the Call of Duty scene such as Xclusive Ace and TrueGameData decided to do some investigating for themselves to see if the rumors were correct.

After testing the weapons, both of them said that the DMR nerfs had not been reverted.

Despite the rumors being proven wrong, this certainly indicates that players are still unhappy with how powerful the DMR is in Warzone. The weapon may have been nerfed, but it’s still a solid choice for a medium-long range loadout.

It’ll be interesting to see if the DMR receives anymore nerfs or if the developers are finally satisfied with its power level. Either way, after a month of the weapon plaguing multiplayer before the nerf, it’s no surprise Warzone players are still paranoid about being killed by the now-infamous gun.