Call of Duty

New CDL skins make players literally invisible in Modern Warfare

by Scott Robertson


Modern Warfare players donning the Operator skins of their favorite Call of Duty League teams are turning literally invisible as they collide with other objects on the map.

When the franchises of the inaugural Call of Duty League approved the in-game items bundles that would appear in Modern Warfare, they likely did so under the belief that those items would be seen.

Following in the footsteps of esports team jerseys in FIFA Ultimate Team and team flags in Rocket League, among others, the introduction of CDL-themed items into the game allows the competitive CoD scene to earn more revenue and gain more fans simultaneously.

Activision Blizzard
One of the bundles of in-game items for CDL team Chicago Huntsmen.


Two of those items are Operator skins, allowing players to don their in-game characters with an outfit featuring a CDL team's official branding.

However, some of these skins are causing players to go completely invisible, which is obviously a huge tactical advantage. Clips have surfaced online showing players wearing these CDL outfits vanish from the screen as they collide with walls and other objects.

'cKorrupt' shared footage of his teammate wearing a Dallas Empire skin on Hackney Yard, calling it a “cloak of invisibility” because he went invisible as he brushed up against the wall.


But evidently, the issue is not limited to just Empire skins.

Another Twitter user posted a clip of the oddity showing that anyone wearing a team skin while using the Bale operator on the Allegiance side can disappear into walls.

Another Twitter user shared more footage of the magic trick and claimed that it’s not limited just to Empire, and that anyone wearing a team skin while using the Bale operator on the Allegiance side can disappear into the wall.


This almost perfectly mirrors a bug that was affecting players in CSGO that sprung up just a day earlier. In addition, this isn’t even the first issue about visibility in Modern Warfare to come up this month.

The way these CDL in-game items were introduced was strange as well, as a blog post promoting them was sent out while players hyped up the items on social media, only for the post to mysteriously disappear. The items were then released on the opening day of the league's Launch Weekend.

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