Modern Warfare players claim controversial blueprints are “pay-to-win”


Modern Warfare packs that include Tracer blueprints for weapons have been criticized for obstructing players’ HUD in Warzone and multiplayer, being dubbed “pay-to-win.”

Activision vowed to ensure that Modern Warfare’s content would veer away from the ‘pay-to-win’ mantra that has affected so many multiplayer titles.

Indeed, The CoD community has never been shy to highlight gripes with their favorite FPS, including a buffed blueprint of the EBR-14 that was available in the paid version of the Season 2 battle pass.

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Activision / ChickenYug (Reddit)
The Line Breaker EBR-14 allowed players to one-shot kill their opponent, versus the two shots normally required.

Although, players are now placing a new feature under the microscope — colored weapon tracers. Yep, those flashy colored bullets that have been zapping all around Verdansk.

Tracers have been becoming increasingly popular in the Warzone meta, due to their accessibility through the in-game store — perhaps popularized by the fan-favorite Grau, which recently received its own Tracer Pack.

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While the colored tracer doesn’t necessarily improve the user’s gameplay (although some will argue that they help control bullet spread), they are obstructing player’s vision while under fire due to the bright hue/smoke effect emitted.

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The impact of Tracer rounds on a player’s HUD is worsened further if you come under fire by an entire squad who are equipped with them.

This can sometimes haze a player’s visibility to a point where it will impair their peripheral vision too, as one Reddit user contested.

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Naturally, this triggered a debate as to whether the mechanic brought a “pay-to-win” element into Warzone’s gameplay, given the intrusive nature of how the paid cosmetic interferes with players’ vision. Twitter user, Mista Honda, aptly showcased exactly how bright the tracers are.

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Of course, having the ability to negatively impact your opponent’s chances of winning a gunfight by using a tool that is paid for (and is not otherwise available via the in-game store) has players riled.

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