Call of Duty

Modern Warfare player discovers easy way to avoid fall damage

by Scott Robertson
Activision Blizzard / reddit user: grkbond


A Call of Duty player showed off a challenging but very effective way to negate fall damage in Modern Warfare. All you need is a specific tactical item, good timing, and a little bit of luck.

If your response to wondering if there’s fall damage in the game is to immediately jump from a great height, then congratulations, you’re a true gamer.

In any game, the discovery of whether or not a fall can kill you is a rite of passage for any player. But what’s more exciting than finding out if your player lives or dies? That's easy: When you discover a way to survive when it should kill you.


A Modern Warfare player discovered a way to keep yourself alive after falling from a lethal height, and in fact, their way actually negates any damage at all. They’re also not embarrassed to admit that they didn’t intend to find the method by accident.

The player, going by the name "gregkbond," was engaged in a Ground War match, and was jumping out the window when a rifle shot hit them for big damage. Instinctively, they reached for their tactical stim, and injected themselves with its healing goodness just before hitting the ground.

Miraculously, they survived, and took no damage at all. They didn’t even make a sound as they safely landed.


In the comments, gregkbond said that they reached for the stim and not the parachute, because the damage they took getting from getting shot prompted that reaction.

TmarTn (YouTube)
TmarTn (YouTube)
The Tavorsk District is filled with high spots to attempt this trick on.

Several other users theorized what exactly about this specific fall led to the player escaping death - whether it was landing on a specific item or texture that negated damage, or because they took damage before using the stim.

If it is the case that pre-fall damage saved their life, it’s especially ironic, given that taking damage before jumping off a short ledge Modern Warfare can be the difference between life and death.


Regardless, this clip is perhaps a textbook example of why the stim is under the Restricted Items list for Call of Duty League matches. Not only does it have incredible healing power, but it also refreshes a player’s sprint ability.

For other Modern Warfare players looking to defy death, you’ll have to get your Rank up to 47 to unlock it.