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Modern Warfare: New map and mode added for day two of Beta

Published: 13/Sep/2019 18:54 Updated: 14/Sep/2019 10:36

by Albert Petrosyan


Call of Duty developers Infinity Ward have added a brand new map and mode to the currently ongoing Modern Warfare Beta, called Gun Runner and Cyber Attack respectively.

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As the closed portion of the Modern Warfare Beta on PlayStation 4 rolls on, Infinity Ward are keeping on their promise by adding new content, which happens to be both a new map and mode on September 13. 

The new map, Gun Runner, is a war-torn factory and distribution depot located nine kilometers outside of Verdansk, Russia.

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Like many of the other Modern Warfare maps revealed so far, it has considerable areas both indoors and outdoors, the latter of which has train cars scattered throughout that players can use for cover. 


You can check out our video featuring gameplay footage from Domination on Gun Runner below, taken during the multiplayer capture event in early August. 

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As for the new mode – Cyber Attack – it’s one that hasn’t really been seen before in Call of Duty titles of the past.

The objective for the team on offense is to “retrieve the EMP Device and plant it near the enemy’s data center,” while the defending team has to try and stop that from happening.

Much like Search and Destroy, this mode gives each team limited lives, however there’s a slight twist from classic S&D – surviving players can revive their eliminated teammates once during the round.


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A round can end in several ways:

  • Team on offense can plant the EMP device near the enemy base and defend it long enough.
  • Team on defense can defuse the EMP device after it has been planted.
  • Teams can eliminate every opposing player and win off of eliminations. 

You can check out gameplay and an explanation of Cyber Attack below, courtesy of IGN. 

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September 13 is the final day that the Beta will be available only to those with early access, as it will be open for everyone to try out from September 14-16. 

The second week of the Beta kicks off on September 19 with early access for all platforms, before opening up to the public September 21-23.

Modern Warfare will fully release on October 25, 2019 on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.