Modern Warfare leaker reveals potential battle royale release date

Infinity Ward

Call of Duty leaker and YouTuber TheGamingRevolution has revealed a potential release date for Warzone – the highly anticipated battle royale mode on its way to Modern Warfare. 

The Call of Duty community’s anticipation has been in overdrive since the launch of Season Two brought a host of leaks and news regarding Warzone, the long-rumored battle royale that would come to Modern Warfare in early 2020. 

While it’s difficult to pinpoint the fabricated rumors from the legitimate leaks, it looks like Warzone will have an in-game currency system to buy equipment, as well as supporting up to 200 players in a single lobby. This would be double the previous 100 person player count that Black Ops 4’s Blackout boasted. 

Infinity Ward
Fans think this Modern Warfare cinematic may have teased Terminal as part of the Warzone map.

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On February 14, to add to all the existing rumors swirling around the CoD community, leaker TheGamingRevolution revealed that the release date for Warzone may have been leaked by in-game files. 

TGR has found that some of his most recent videos have been claimed by Activision for copyright infringements, explaining why this video opens with a “fair use” disclaimer. 

He explains that the release date constitutes an “educated guess” based on the information he has had provided to him, but that all indications suggest a release of February 18 for Warzone in Modern Warfare. 

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This would be exactly one week after the inception of Season Two, which began on Tuesday, February 11. We have seen a number of significant patches for Modern Warfare drop on Tuesdays, but this does not guarantee the accuracy of this prediction. 

Similarly, TheGamingRevolution has a fairly good record with leaks and predictions. He leaked the ‘Gunfight’ mode prior to Modern Warfare’s release, but has been criticized by some at Infinity Ward for attention-seeking and fabricating information.

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As is the case with all leaks, the release date provided by TGR will remain unconfirmed until Infinity Ward or Activision make an official announcement regarding Warzone’s launch date.

However, it does indeed seem likely that we’ll see Warzone implemented soon, as the information surrounding the battle royale mode continues to swell.