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Ridiculous Modern Warfare glitch has players avoiding Ground War

Published: 3/Feb/2020 0:07

by Brad Norton


A newly discovered issue on Modern Warfare’s Tavorsk District Ground War map has the community more than riled up over how such a ridiculous bug ever made it into the game.

Modern Warfare’s Ground War mode pits teams of 32 players against one another on some of the biggest maps the Call of Duty series has ever seen before. Pushing the boundaries of the franchise, it’s understandable how a few bugs may slip through the cracks here and there.


However, with texture exploits allowing players to shoot through walls, and bizarre visual glitches, it seems the community is nearing its breaking point. A newly discovered issue on Tavorsk District might now be the straw that breaks the camels back.

Modern Warfare's Ground War map Tavorsk District
Infinity Ward
Tavorsk District is one of five Ground War maps currently available in Modern Warfare.


Despite being early into the map, things were looking quite grim for Reddit user ‘Swampfox1906’ throughout their Ground War match on Tavorsk District. With the enemy team in control of four flags, allies were spawning in close proximity around the D Flag inside of the Art Museum. 

Rather than rushing out into the open, this player hunkered down inside and tried to pick off a few enemies in a nearby building. Firing a few perfect sniper rounds towards an enemy, none of the shots were registering. 


Confused at to what was happening, they took a few more steps out of cover, aimed at the floor and noticed no bullets were going through at all. Just moments later they were shot through the window and taken out of commission. 

1 way bullet proof glass?!? this game is crazyyy!!! :/ from modernwarfare


It turns out the glass is only penetrable from one direction. A clear oversight in the design of the map, this offers a distinct advantage for players outside the building. 


While Assault Rifle and Sniper Rifle rounds weren’t enough to pierce through the inside of the glass, there’s no telling if projectiles such as grenades or rockets would make their way through. Perhaps they would explode upon impact and lead to another unfortunate death. 

“Legit I’m literally uninstalling lol. This game is so not worth the 200+GBs,” Reddit user The_8th_Degree chimed in after seeing the ridiculous bug in action.

If Tavorsk District happens to come up in the map pool in your next Modern Warfare session, be sure to avoid this area if you’re on the inside. 

Until Infinity Ward issues a patch and fixes the area, it seems as though a number of unaware players are going to be agitated by this spot.