Modern Warfare fans create simple solution to replace League Play

Infinity Ward

One avid Call of Duty player has come up with an easy replacement for League Play in Modern Warfare, as fans hoping to see the highly-requested mode become impatient with Infinity Ward. 

League Play has been one of the most demanded features in Call of Duty games since its inclusion in Black Ops II. Treyarch’s 2012 shooter perfectly incorporated the ranked mode, seeing players put in the shoes of competitive players for in-game cycles.

It has never returned with as much vigor as it had in Black Ops II, but a number of games (mostly Treyarch) have had dedicated Ranked playlists.

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Modern Warfare players want to see League Play addedTreyarch
Black Ops II is remembered as one of the best CoD titles ever, partly because of its League Play.

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Despite its popularity, Infinity Ward have given no indication as to their interest in implementing it into Modern Warfare, other than a fleeting comment prior to launch.

One fan has suggested a way Infinity Ward could allow players to enjoy competitive play, without having to spend months refining a League Play alternative. 

The Reddit user explained that the opening CDL weekend heightened their desire to play a ranked mode with the professional rule set. 

The matches last weekend made me try out pro classes and strategies,” they said. “When I’m playing SnD the entire other team runs 725s, riot shields, claymores, etc.”

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“I also know the chances of us getting League Play is super slim, if not zero, because of IW’s history,” they finished. “So the least they can do is give us a moshpit playlist with CDL rules?”

Infinite Warfare, Infinity Ward’s previous CoD title, had a ‘ranked’ playlist added, but was nowhere near as immersive as League Play has been. It is similar to the idea floated by the CoD player. 

With the growth of CoD esports, the professional players use a varied ruleset to remove certain undesirable aspects of the game. Things like UAVs, claymores, shotguns and riot shields are never included, to promote greater consistency in gameplay. 

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Minnesota crowd during New York Subliners versus London Royal Ravens.Activision
The opening CDL weekend took place in Minnesota.

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The CDL ruleset is already in the game, available in private matches. So surely it would not require much effort to add a public playlist with these rules, without needing the development time for a fully-fledged, MMR-based ranked mode.

The player’s argument is not particularly new, with many players preferring an in-game environment that does not allow for lower-skilled weapons, such as shotguns (sorry shotgun fans) and proximity-based explosives.

While the clamor for a CDL based playlist grows, Infinity Ward remain tight-lipped about whether or not Modern Warfare will see one at all.