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Modern Warfare fans create simple solution to replace League Play

Published: 1/Feb/2020 13:14

by Joe Craven


One avid Call of Duty player has come up with an easy replacement for League Play in Modern Warfare, as fans hoping to see the highly-requested mode become impatient with Infinity Ward. 

League Play has been one of the most demanded features in Call of Duty games since its inclusion in Black Ops II. Treyarch’s 2012 shooter perfectly incorporated the ranked mode, seeing players put in the shoes of competitive players for in-game cycles.

It has never returned with as much vigor as it had in Black Ops II, but a number of games (mostly Treyarch) have had dedicated Ranked playlists.

Modern Warfare players want to see League Play added
Black Ops II is remembered as one of the best CoD titles ever, partly because of its League Play.

Despite its popularity, Infinity Ward have given no indication as to their interest in implementing it into Modern Warfare, other than a fleeting comment prior to launch.

One fan has suggested a way Infinity Ward could allow players to enjoy competitive play, without having to spend months refining a League Play alternative. 

The Reddit user explained that the opening CDL weekend heightened their desire to play a ranked mode with the professional rule set. 

The matches last weekend made me try out pro classes and strategies,” they said. “When I’m playing SnD the entire other team runs 725s, riot shields, claymores, etc.”

Since IW won’t give us League Play, can we at least get a Call of Duty League rules playlist? from modernwarfare

“I also know the chances of us getting League Play is super slim, if not zero, because of IW’s history,” they finished. “So the least they can do is give us a moshpit playlist with CDL rules?”

Infinite Warfare, Infinity Ward’s previous CoD title, had a ‘ranked’ playlist added, but was nowhere near as immersive as League Play has been. It is similar to the idea floated by the CoD player. 

With the growth of CoD esports, the professional players use a varied ruleset to remove certain undesirable aspects of the game. Things like UAVs, claymores, shotguns and riot shields are never included, to promote greater consistency in gameplay. 

Minnesota crowd during New York Subliners versus London Royal Ravens.
The opening CDL weekend took place in Minnesota.

The CDL ruleset is already in the game, available in private matches. So surely it would not require much effort to add a public playlist with these rules, without needing the development time for a fully-fledged, MMR-based ranked mode.

The player’s argument is not particularly new, with many players preferring an in-game environment that does not allow for lower-skilled weapons, such as shotguns (sorry shotgun fans) and proximity-based explosives.

While the clamor for a CDL based playlist grows, Infinity Ward remain tight-lipped about whether or not Modern Warfare will see one at all.

Call of Duty

Call of Duty League 2021 power rankings after CDL Kickoff Classic

Published: 25/Jan/2021 17:49

by Jacob Hale


The Call of Duty League is set to get underway very soon, with the CDL Kickoff Classic finished and teams showing what we can expect in the coming season.

The return of the Call of Duty League means the return of Dexerto’s power rankings, tracking each team’s performances and highs and lows throughout the season.

While the inaugural 2020 season of the CDL saw teams like Dallas Empire and Atlanta FaZe dominate, fans will be looking to see more sides stake their claim as best team in the game throughout Black Ops Cold War.

With the roster shuffles that occurred during the Call of Duty League offseason, some teams are looking much better off — while others may struggle to find their feet. We’ve considered 2020 performances, our limited information on scrims, team potential and the CDL Kickoff Classic to come up with our pre-season power rankings.

12. Seattle Surge

Different Seattle, but no extra Surge

Loony Seattle Surge CDL
Call of Duty League
The Seattle Surge will be hoping their new roster can drag them off the bottom of the standings this season.

Despite some roster changes that look to be a positive for the team, including the acquisitions of Gunless and Prestinni, Seattle don’t look to be much better off now than they were last season.

On paper, the squad has a limitless skill ceiling, but it seems something still isn’t clicking and it’s an uphill battle for this squad to become legitimate contenders.

11. LA Guerrillas

Close victory over Seattle may spell struggles?

la guerrillas 2021 cdl roster
LA Guerrillas
The LA Guerrillas will be hoping these players can find their 2018 glory.

Featuring three of the four 2018 world champions, LA Guerrillas have some clear firepower on their team, but none of these guys have experienced much success of late.

Apathy had a strong showing at the CDL Kickoff Classic, and him performing well could be key to their hopes of becoming true championship contenders. That said, there’s some way to go for these guys to challenge the best.

10. Paris Legion

Bizarre, but it just might work…

Paris Legion team 2021 CDL skrapz classic aqua fire
Paris Legion
This Paris Legion side has left many fans scratching their heads.

For many fans, this Paris Legion squad doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, a group of players that not many would have put together given the choice.

That said, it doesn’t seem as though they’re struggling like some expected them to. They’ve looked decent in scrims and clutched a 3-2 win over London Royal Ravens at the CDL Kickoff Classic. But we’ll have to give them more time to really judge where they’ll bed in.

9. New York Subliners

ZooMaa’s retirement could spell disaster

zoomaa new york subliners
Call of Duty League
New York Subliners will have to make their way without standout SMG star ZooMaa.

New York Subliners were hit very late with the announcement of ZooMaa’s retirement, as well as an ongoing battle to get French star HyDrA into the US thanks to visa issues.

As such, the squad is hard to rank right now — but we expect them to improve over time and find themselves moving into the upper half of the rankings.

8. London Royal Ravens

Zer0 chance of proving themselves without Trei

Zer0 London Royal Ravens CDL
Zer0’s eventual arrival in the US should help the team out and shift them up the rankings.

London Royal Ravens are having a bit of a tough go of things right now, with Zer0 still stuck in the UK and seemingly unable to find a temporary replacement in the US to fill his spot.

If they manage to get Zer0 out to the States and get some proper practice in, London could become a serious dark horse side. They lost a close 3-2 to Paris Legion at the Kickoff Classic, but it’s hard to tell whether that’s a fair appraisal of London’s ability.

7. Toronto Ultra

Huge dark horse potential in Toronto

Cammy Toronto Ultra CDL
Call of Duty League
Toronto Ultra have serious dark horse potential.

On paper, you wouldn’t look at this Toronto Ultra squad and expect much from them, but they’re all players who have flown under the radar despite proving their insane talents over the years.

If the CDL Kickoff Classic was anything to go by, Bance is in for a serious year, and he could be the key to moving Toronto up the standings.

6. Minnesota RØKKR

On the fringe, ready to win

Minnesota ROKKR roster CDL 2021
Minnesota RØKKR
This brand new ROKKR squad could cause some upsets this season.

Similar to last season, the RØKKR look primed to cause some upsets at the opening events, and their close 3-2 win over Toronto Ultra suggests the ‘Battle of the North’ will rage on into this season as it did the last. These two teams look neck-and-neck, but RØKKR’s win puts them ahead of the Ultra.

While last year, the team slowly fizzled out as the season went on, the new roster has made some serious pickups. As a product, their strong start during the Kickoff Classic has put them in good stead.

5. LA Thieves

Stealing top spot is possible for this squad

LA Thieves Call of Duty League
LA Thieves
Los Angeles Thieves officially entered the CDL on November 6.

LA Thieves had a rough go of things at the CDL Kickoff Classic, with a 3-0 loss to OpTic Chicago that really never looked to be going any other way.

That said, they’re full of talent and their fellow pros clearly rank them quite highly — we just need to see them get some competitive wins before we put them any closer to OpTic or Dallas in our rankings.

4. Florida Mutineers

Can they be the best team in the game?

Skyz Florida Mutineers CDL 2021
Call of Duty League
Skyz was a phenomenal AR in 2020, and expect more of the same this season.

Florida Mutineers suffered a horrendous setback prior to the 2021 season, starting with the sad and sudden loss of standout talent and person, F3ro.

While a phenomenal player, Florida look set to make him proud this season, and could push themselves to enter the championship conversation if they continue to improve. A 3-2 win over Atlanta FaZe at the Kickoff Classic suggests that another potential frontrunner is on the cards.

3. Atlanta FaZe

Rough start for world championship contenders

simp atlanta faze cdl
Call of Duty League
Atlanta FaZe are hoping to one-up their 2020 standings and become world champions this year.

Atlanta FaZe were perennial runners-up for much of the 2020 season, often considered the best team in the game… But when it came to the events that really mattered, they fell short at the final hurdle.

Nonetheless, bringing over Arcitys from Chicago will no doubt elevate the Tiny Terrors, and they will continue to find themselves challenging top teams at each Major this season. Don’t expect to see them losing too much this year, despite their loss to the Mutineers.

2. OpTic Chicago

Forced to settle with 2nd… for now

formal optic chicago
Call of Duty League
This new-look Chicago side has high expectations — and the talent to go with it.

OpTic are back with H3CZ and Scump, and they’re finding the results that the brand has become associated with over the last decade of CoD esports.

They’re natural winners and are going to continue to challenge at the top, just like they did last year as the Chicago Huntsmen. The inclusion of Dashy to the squad seems to be key to OpTic, and if he can find his Black Ops 4 form, we’re looking at an MVP-caliber player.

1. Dallas Empire

The Empire remain on top

dallas empire crimsix call of duty league 2021
Call of Duty League
Crimsix’s Dallas Empire look set for another dominant year.

It would be impossible to put the Dallas Empire anywhere except first right now. They’re the reigning world champions, are performing well in scrims and made short work of New York Subliners at the CDL Kickoff Classic.

By all accounts, it looks like we should be preparing for another big year for Dallas — and these guys won’t relinquish their hold on the top spot too easily.

So, those are our pre-season power rankings for the Call of Duty League 2021 season. The likes of Dallas Empire and OpTic Chicago will likely hover near or at the top for much of the season, but it will be interesting to see which teams can become their closest competitors.

The first official event of the 2021 season is the Atlanta FaZe Home Series on February 11-14, and that will be when teams really put their hard work over recent months into practice and prove how good they are.