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Modern Warfare devs respond to game-breaking Regiment name color exploit

Published: 14/Feb/2020 20:04

by Bill Cooney


Modern Warfare developers Infinity Ward have responded to multiple complaints about a new, game-breaking exploit that allows Call of Duty players to change the color of their Regiment clan tags and nameplates in-game.

Regiments are similar to the old Call of Duty clans – they’re a way to group up with friends or random people you meet and want to play with.

Over the last few days though, somehow players discovered a way to alter the color of their regiment tags and names during matches, leading to widespread confusion.

Credit to xD_amp on Reddit for the clip:

While the difference may seem purely cosmetic, it’s actually caused a lot of frustration among the player-base because it’s hard to separate teammates from enemies.


By changing your name to blue, for example, enemies can think you’re a friendly and not shoot, giving you a clear advantage.

In some cases, players have even reported that they’re losing aim assist when firing at an enemy with a different colored nameplate.

Considering how big of an issue this has quickly become, it’s no surprise that Infinity Ward almost immediately issued a response.

IW’s Paul Haile had this to say on Reddit: “This is a bug, Colorized names is not intended to be something players can do.We are doing a pass now to fix regiments that have offending tags set up causing their names to be colorized.”


“We are also implementing additional protections against the creation of regiments that have invalid characters in their tag,” he added. “This should be cleaned up soon – feel free to report players with colorized names and we will take a look.”

Haile told users on Reddit devs were working on a fix.

Players using the exploit can create a new regiment and use the exploit to change their name color, which they can then enable in-game by changing their tag to their Regiment tag.

There are eight colors to choose from, but the most game-breaking are red and blue, which can make telling enemies and allies apart difficult, and black, which can be difficult to see during a match.


Besides those, there are also colors like gold, neon green, and hot pink, which are less severe but can still be confusing when you’re in a game.

The miscolored names can show up above players, on the killfeed, and on the scoreboard.

As of February 14, this exploit was still in the game, so there’s no telling when it’ll actually get fixed. Infinity Ward have added it to the official Modern Warfare Trello and labeled it as “in progress,” so it’s still under investigation.

As always, we will continue to bring you the latest on this issue as more information becomes available.