Modern Warfare dev slams ‘attention-seeking’ dataminer for fake leaks

Brad Norton
Infinity Ward

Infinity Ward developer Joe Cecot has taken aim at a Modern Warfare dataminer who leaked that a “massive overhaul” would be coming to the title, suggesting the YouTuber was chasing attention by dropping fake information.

MW has been met with its fair share of leaks throughout development. From a 200 player battle royale mode to various DLC maps, a great deal of information has spilled out online well ahead of official confirmation from Infinity Ward.

While certain leaks have been spot on, one particular claim from notorious dataminer ‘TheGamingRevolution’ seems to have been misguided, leading to a heated response from Infinity Ward’s co-design director of multiplayer Joe Cecot.

Infinity Ward - Modern Warfare
One of the most controversial aspects of Modern Warfare is the inclusion of a skill-based matchmaking system.

The controversy stems from a since-deleted Tweet by TheGamingRevolution that outlined how “there’s a big overhaul coming” to Modern Warfare in the near future.

From mini-map frustrations to spawning issues and overall map design, the Call of Duty community was desperate to see change at the time of the original post on November 1. 

Despite receiving a number of major updates ever-since, certain Modern Warfare players have continued to express their frustration.

One particular fan called out Cecot directly, stating that “it is now December and we still have yet to see this ‘Overhaul.’ Nice way to say f*ck you.”

Cecot has since come forward and disputed this heated comment, stating that the “overhaul was a fake statement to get attention.”

“We are constantly updating the game at least once a week, sometimes twice. Season 1 incoming,” he continued, outlining how the claims of one specific overhaul were entirely false and only served to benefit the leaker.

Additionally, while updates have been flowing consistently since launch and Season One is indeed set to kick off on December 3, the one “big update” that the majority of players “keep asking about,” still eludes fans.

Infinity Ward’s senior communications manager Ashton Williams shared on November 21 she was “finalizing notes,” however no update since her now-controversial post has addressed the primary concerns of the most avid players.

Furthering the issue , TheGamingRevolution highlighted how his early leaks were supposedly backed up by Williams’ statement.

“Can people stop saying ‘but Infinity Ward never confirmed an overhaul.’ They specifically said a big update is coming,” the leaker explained.

“They specifically mentioned the update that everyone is asking about, and the only big update that people were asking about was the overhaul.”

“Ashton even directly mentioned, “the big update” that everyone was asking her about – referring to the overhaul. I don’t understand the mistruths or deception” he concluded.

 While Cecot took issue with the ‘attention-grabbing’ claims of an upcoming ‘overhaul,’ there’s no telling whether drastic changes are still in the pipeline to appease hardcore Call of Duty players. 

TheGamingRevolution went on to verify a number of his previous leaks including the recently confirmed 1v1 and 3v3 Gunfight game modes.