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Modern Warfare campaign equipment could solve Warzone’s camper problem

Published: 6/May/2020 5:03 Updated: 6/May/2020 5:29

by Brad Norton


Warzone players are demanding a simple piece of Modern Warfare’s campaign equipment be added to the battle royale to combat camping issues.

While Infinity Ward’s 150-player battle royale mode tries to push players together and alleviate a slow, camping playstyle, many still tend to bunker down.

Players often ‘camp’ on top of buildings, second stories of houses, or even on the often-frustrating Stadium. A piece of equipment utilized in Modern Warfare’s campaign won’t fix all of the camping problems overnight, but it could certainly help.

Infinity Ward
Modern Warfare’s campaign features multiple stealth missions that include this piece of equipment.

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Which piece of equipment needs to be added in Warzone?

Throughout the 2019 Call of Duty campaign, players use a wide array of tactical and lethal equipment, from airstrikes to ammo crates and more. Plenty of these features are present in both multiplayer, and Warzone too. 


Yet, one piece of equipment has remained exclusive to the story mode — the ‘tac ladder’. Now, avid Warzone players are clamoring for single-use extendable equipment to make its way to the battle royale too.

It may seem simple on the surface, but this equipment could shake up the tempo of any Warzone match as players find new entry-points into Verdansk’s many buildings.

Suggestion: Add single-use "tac-ladder" from campaign to allow different routes into buildings from CODWarzone

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How could this equipment change the game?

Instead of scaling up a flight of indoor stairs, walking into traps placed by the enemy team, the tac-ladder could give you a new way in.

If a squad is bunkering down inside a house, placing this ladder outside could see you climbing through a window. This would further incentivize players to continue moving around the map, rather than staying put.


Rather than pre-aiming a single angle as players rush upstairs, camping teams would have to be wary of enemies rushing through windows as well.

Supposedly it was worked on for Modern Warfare’s multiplayer, but never saw the light of day as it’s “much more difficult to code than you’d think,” according to Redditor ‘thebromitch.’

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Perhaps the tac-ladder could fall into the pre-existing equipment spot on player loadouts, replacing stun or decoy grenades. It may also be more balanced in the killstreak category, as a purchasable item in Warzone.

There’s no denying that it would certainly force a new playstyle. Players would be able to deal with campers much easier than ever before.