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Modern Warfare bug appears to reveal size of leaked Battle Royale map

Published: 9/Dec/2019 10:38

by Connor Bennett


A glitch from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has seemingly given fans another look at the apparent battle royale map – and it looks absolutely huge. 

The prospect of having a battle royale mode in Modern Warfare has been mooted since before the game launched on October 25. Leakers were adamant that they had the details – including its map, release date, and a huge player count. 

While the game has since launched, Infinity Ward have remained silent on the prospect of adding the battle royale mode, despite the fact that another leaker dropped a huge bombshell of details with a data mine following an update to the game. However, it appears you can actually view the map in-game, provided the game decides to glitch out. 


Infinity Ward - Modern WarfarePlayers are still waiting for the battle royale mode so that they can shake up their multiplayer experience.

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In a post to the Modern Warfare subreddit, user Nateberg3 showcased a video of them floating high above a vast landscape thanks to an in-game error with a Spec Ops mission. 

From their eye in the sky vantage point, the Redditor was able to fully rotate around and get a good clean look at the huge map that looks set to become the battle royale playground. If parts of it look familiar, that’s because they are.

Parts of the map are set to be made up of the Spec Ops locations, as well as parts of the huge Ground War maps – including the newly released Port of Verdansk. Unsurprisingly, the new map has apparently been given the simple name of ‘Port’ in the battle royale points of interest. 


Video of Full Battle ROYALE Map from modernwarfare

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Other things to note are the huge stadium – which is right below Nateberg3 – as well as the Gulag that can be seen at around the 15-second mark, and the small farm just before it, all of which are named locations in the leak.

The Gulag itself is apparently set to play a role in the game’s respawn system – giving players a 1v1 opportunity to get back into the match, provided they can beat out a random opponent. 

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Of course, with nothing in terms of a battle royale being confirmed by Infinity Ward, it’s always worth taking things with a pinch of salt until you’re playing it for yourself.


However, if the most recent leak proves to be right and this is the actual battle royale map we’ve seen, fans could be in for one hell of a battle royale experience.