Modern Warfare 2 player bewildered after seemingly getting 53 years of Double XP


A Modern Warfare 2 player was left bewildered after they seemingly received 53 years worth of Double XP, only to reveal it was all a big mistake. 

Grinding for XP is probably one of the most important things to do in Modern Warfare 2. Or at least it is important if your goal is to unlock new weapons or to flex your high level. 

And a great way to make your leveling more efficient is through Double XP tokens. Gained through either the Battle Pass or Double XP events, players can use it to gain double the XP they’d normally get for a period of time, as the name implies.

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However, a player was left bewildered when they found themselves with more than half a century’s worth of Double XP. 

A Reddit user, Bravo-Warpig, posted on the Modern Warfare 2 subreddit with their insane number of days to use a Double XP bonus. In the photo, they show they had a total of 19,346 days left for their Double Xp, which totals up to 53 years. 

Naturally, it left not only them, but other players too surprised by the insane amount of days. “Ummm what?” was the simple caption to the post.

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Others also jokingly responded, “damn Sony exclusive benefits are getting out of hand.” As many players in the comments were more interested that PlayStation users get an additional 25%more XP, which was the platform Bravo-Warpig was playing on.  

Others of course just told them to not “snitch” on themselves, and just accept it. “Might as well take advantage of it” wrote one user

It was only well after the post gained a lot of traction that Bravo-Warpig revealed it was all just a visual bug, and it returned to normal right after his next game. Saying they wouldn’t have posted it if they thought it was a genuine exploit. 

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So don’t get your hopes up just yet thinking the same could happen to you. For the time being, no one out there really has 53 years worth of Double XP to get through.

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