Modern Warfare 2 fans stunned by subtle Harry Potter Easter egg on Nova Operator

Modern Warfare 2 Harry Potter headerTreyarch

Modern Warfare 2 fans have only now just noticed a small detail on the Nova Operator that has a direct connection to the Harry Potter franchise.

Modern Warfare 2 launched back in October 2022, the latest game including a free-to-play experience in the Warzone 2 overhaul. While the initial reception to the game and the months following brought with it major discourse about in-game bugs and performance issues aplenty, most of the dust has seemingly settled on the new CoD game.

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However, gamers are still finding new and interesting details, some that even include a collision of two major franchises. One eagle-eyed Modern Warfare 2 player pointed out on Reddit that Nova has a Deathly Hallows tattoo on her left arm. For those who aren’t well versed in the Harry Potter universe, the Deathly Hallows symbol is one of the most iconic things within the franchise.

Nila Brown, also known as Nova, is an Operator of the SpecGru faction within Modern Warfare 2. Other Reddit users commented on the thread that it is a “cool find” and that, after having seen this detail, they can confirm that “she can’t run through brick walls near the train station. I tried.”

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The items themselves in Harry Potter serve as the driving force for the movies and for the defeat of Voldermort. The symbol has now become a very popular tattoo amongst fans of the series.

Further investigation shows that the tattoo design and placement is actually from the real-life model for Nova, who can be seen sporting the exact tattoo. However, it is unclear if this Harry Potter symbol was deliberately left on for the in-game character or if it was an oversight from the Modern Warfare 2 dev team.

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Regardless, it’s an interesting collision of two big pop culture franchises and one that seems especially timely with the upcoming release of Hogwarts Legacy.

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