Microsoft wants to put ads in Call of Duty games on mobile and PC

Modern Warfare 2 artActivision

If the pending purchase goes through, Microsoft announced plans to add advertising into free-to-play PC and Mobile Activision Blizzard titles – including Call of Duty.

In 2022, Microsoft announced plans to purchase Activision Blizzard for nearly $70 billion. The deal suffered two major setbacks as the UK’s competition and market authority blocked proceedings, and then the Federal Trade Commission filed an injunction to block the acquisition.

However, the European Union Commission eventually approved the deal, and Microsoft won its appeal with the CMA in its case against the FTC to push it forward. The merger agreement expired on July 18, but both parties agreed to extend the deal’s deadline to October 18.

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Activision Blizzard could walk away with a $3 billion break-up-free if the deal isn’t completed. But if both sides reach an agreement, Microsoft laid out bold plans for advertising in Call of Duty titles.

CoD MobileActivision
Advertising in COD Mobile would certainly upset some players.

Microsoft unveils plan to add advertising to Call of Duty

On September 19, CharlieIntel reported: “Microsoft’s plans for Activision Blizzard says the company wants to expand ‘advertising’ into free-to-play PC and mobile games.”

This is especially intriguing, because the text under ‘Advertising’ mentions PC, implying that advertising could potentially appear in Warzone.

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CharlieIntel doesn’t know what to make of the discrepancy, adding: “For now, the list only says Call of Duty: Mobile, but the text says PC & Mobile.”

Xbox CEO Spencer revealed that Call of Duty won’t immediately be on Xbox Game Pass when the Activision Blizzard deal closes. PlayStation has had exclusive marketing rights with Call of Duty since 2014, and Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier confirmed PlayStation’s deal runs through at least Modern Warfare 3 in 2023.

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So even if Microsoft does complete its acquisition of Activision Blizzard, it’s unclear whether those advertising changes would take immediate effect. For more, check out the rest of our Modern Warfare 3 coverage.