Major flaw with Ghost perk in Warzone discovered

Joe Craven
Infinity Ward

Call of Duty: Warzone players have discovered a serious issue with the Ghost perk, meaning they are still easily detectable by enemy opponents even when it’s equipped. 

Warzone deploys the perk system in the same way as it’s found in regular multiplayer, allowing players to use three base perks, once they acquire their custom loadouts through random drops on the map.

The perks are somewhat less balanced in Warzone though, for example the strength of thermal scopes make Cold Blooded a must. Other balance issues include field upgrades like Dead Silence, which makes the already very quiet footsteps nearly impossible to hear.

Infinity Ward
Infinity Ward
Dead Silence was controversial in Modern Warfare as a result of its classification as a Field Upgrade, rather than a perk.

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However, players have now identified the Ghost perk as in need of a buff, after it became clear that it possesses a pretty serious Achilles’ heel. 

On April 8, one Modern Warfare fan shared their issue with the perk, explaining that multiple deaths in solos have led them to realise that, even with the Ghost perk enabled, players are still detectable on the game’s heartbeat sensors. 

“After the update today – custom loadout with Cold [Blooded] and Ghost equipped,” they explained. “So far 3 solo warzone deaths, killcams show the other is stalking me using a heartbeat sensor”.

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Ghost has long been a staple perk in the Call of Duty series, offering players immunity from UAV on the basis that they do not remain static. In Modern Warfare multiplayer, the Ghost perk also grants immunity to heartbeat sensors in the same way it does UAVs. 

However, the Reddit user is suggesting that, even when moving and utilizing the Ghost perk, Warzone players are still discernible on enemy sensors. Many feel this is unfair, and that Ghost should grant immunity to heartbeat sensors the same way it does to UAVs and other aerial reconnaissance. 

It appears to be a bug that has emerged since Modern Warfare Season 3 began, with some players reporting that prior to the update, Ghost cloaked them from heartbeat sensors.

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Others argued that the weakness of the Ghost perk may be for balancing purposes and that complete invisibility would be far too strong. 

Infinity Ward are yet to comment on players’ concerns regarding the Ghost perk, but they have previously demonstrated their commitment to regular patches and balancing. 

If the weakness was indeed intentional, it’s unlikely we’ll see them reverse their past decision, especially this soon into Warzone’s lifespan.