Major change coming to revive time in Blackout

Albert Petrosyan

David Vonderhaar, Studio Design Director at Treyarch, has revealed new details about Call of Duty’s new Blackout battle royale mode, specifically regarding the revive time.

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YouTuber ‘tejbz,’ who had the chance to interview Vonderhaar, announced in a recent video that Treyarch plan to double the amount of time it takes to revive down teammates in Blackout. 

“The resurrect is very quick, or it was very quick in the beta,” tejbz said. “It’s actually going to be twice as long, at least that’s what David said. He has opted with twice as long.”

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As the YouTuber alludes to, the revive time was one of the aspects of the game that players often complained about in their feedback, claiming that it’s wait too short.

This got especially frustrating for those who knocked down opponents from long range and would not have enough time to push them for the elimination since they would get resurrected almost immediately. 

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However, players will have a way to address the longer revive time in-game via the Consumer perk, which reduces the time it takes to use items, heal, and revive teammates by 20%.

If the new time to revive teammates is set to eight seconds, then players would be able to reduce that to just over six seconds using Consumer. 

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The entire video in which tejbs describes all that was revealed to him by David Vonderhaar can be viewed below: