Leaker reveals multiplayer files found in Modern Warfare 2 remastered

Infinity Ward

Call of Duty data miner and YouTuber ‘TheGamingRevolution’ has revealed that new files hinting at a multiplayer mode were found within Modern Warfare 2 Remastered’s campaign.

While the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has been extremely successful, particularly with the addition of Warzone, plenty of fans were still hoping for more from the classic CoD franchise.

After rumors began spreading around MW2 returning with a remaster in 2018, it was finally released on March 30, however, many nostalgic CoD fans were disappointed for there not to be a remastered multiplayer mode as well.

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Infinity Ward
Many fans are eager for the return of MW2’s multiplayer.

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Multiplayer files in Campaign

Prominent Call of Duty leaker TheGamingRevolution, who has correctly shared leaks on the remastered title in the past, revealed in his latest video that there were a lot of clues for a multiplayer mode found in the remastered campaign’s files.

The YouTuber first highlighted that the download size itself was too big for just the campaign release, adding, “The game is 65gb on PC so obviously they left in a bunch of the multiplayer stuff they were working on within the files of the game.” The PC version of MW2 Remastered was made available on April 30, so files have only been uncovered now.

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TheGamingRevolution then shared some images of the game files. They reference custom classes, game modes, leaderboards, Prestiges, and even some new camos such as Dark Matter and Diamond that were not previously available in Modern Warfare 2.

Topic starts at 1:50 for mobile users.

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TGR continued to highlight some more of the references found, with all of the game modes and perks listed as well as a mention of a season pass, similar to one currently available in Modern Warfare.

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While there was supposedly much more hidden in the campaign’s download, he shared that a multiplayer exe application file was also found in the game files by fellow leaker GunofTZ, suggesting that they had been working on a remastered multiplayer at some point.

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Although files were reported to have been found it is unclear if they have any intention of releasing multiplayer in the future or if these files were just left there after Activision previously announced that a multiplayer mode was unlikely.

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TheGamingRevolution revealed that while he is unsure of whether or not this will be released, he does not think it will be anytime soon over fears of splitting the player base with the latest title, Modern Warfare.