KiLLa accuses pro Call of Duty players of ‘killing’ the game

Former world champion Call of Duty, through their use of ‘gentleman’s agreements’.

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KiLLa, who is a veteran of the competitive scene, has recently voiced his concerns about what he feels is going wrong with the current state of competitive play in Call of Duty.

His biggest frustration seems to be with the unofficial ruleset that the pro scene is playing by and their use of all the “gentleman’s agreement’s” (GA’s), which restrict weapons that are allowed in the Call of Duty World League official ruleset, but that some players feel are too powerful to be played in competitive modes.

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CWL/Lalo TorresKiLLa won the Call of Duty World Championship alongside Fariko Impact in 2014.
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Online tournament sites such as MLG’s GameBattles or Checkmate Gaming have adopted the basic CWL ruleset, but also implemented most of the pro player’s gentleman’s agreements as official rules for their own online matches.

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KiLLa explained that he was tired of all the new rules being added: “All these GA’s have completely killed playing online tournaments for me.” 

He blames the pro players for having a huge part to play in the constant meta changes and worries that it will have a terrible long-term impact for the competitive community: “[The] pro scene still running this community into the dirt and we can all thank them when CoD’s dead.”

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Replying to KiLLa’s tweet, the European veteran, Dylan ‘Madcat’ Daly voiced the same opinion as the world champion. “Imagine going back to a game like bo2 or bo3 with the way GAs are now”, he said, “we would be running around with a knife and trophy”, to which KiLLa agreed.

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CWL Fort Worth takes place on March 15 and many are left wondering how much of the Black Ops 4 weapons will seen in professional play and just how many will be restricted with all of these gentleman’s agreements coming into place.