Karma shows why Vanguard weapon mounting is “even more broken” than Modern Warfare

karma cod vanguardActivision

The Call of Duty: Vanguard beta gave players their first real taste of the brand new multiplayer, but some — including three-time world champion Damon ‘Karma’ Barlow — were surprised by just how powerful weapon mounting was in the game.

Weapon mounting was a feature first introduced in Modern Warfare 2019, giving players the ability to mount their weapons on walls and headglitches, seriously reducing recoil as you rain bullets down upon your opponents.

It was definitely divisive among players, with some believing it to be great innovation, while others felt it helped ‘worse’ players get easy kills.

Now, though, with the feature coming back with a vengeance in the Vanguard beta, and the latter group of people isn’t going to be very happy…

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Vanguard map Hotel RoyalActivision
Weapon mounting was a divisive feature in MW2019, and it could be getting worse…

If you played much of the beta, you will have realized fairly quickly weapon mounting is back and even stronger than it was before, allowing players to strafe while doing it.

This was quickly pointed out by OpTic content creator Karma, who displayed just how insanely “broken” the mechanic is.

In the clip below, you see Karma strafing along a particularly frustrating headglitch on Hotel Royal, telling his chat that he can easily just hold it and move side-to-side, only occasionally checking the game to mow down an enemy.

Saying that the mechanic is “probably more broken than it was in Modern Warfare,” this is definitely something that players are going to look forward to making the most of when the game officially launches.

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That said, if developers Sledgehammer Games agree with Karma that the ability to do this actually is “broken,” we may see more changes come in ahead of the game’s launch on November 5.

Until then, though, you best get mounting.