Karma Reveals He is Considering Leaving OpTic Gaming For a Shot at 2018 CoD Champs

Three time world champion and long time OpTic Gaming member Damon “Karma” Barlow has confirmed he has considered offers to join teams to play the Last Chance Qualifier for the 2018 CoD Champs.

Karma stepped down from his position on the competitive roster for OpTic Gaming following the team’s string of disappointing performances in CoD: WWII, ending a two year run with the team.

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However, rather than moving to a new team as had been expected, Karma remained with the OpTic organization as a content creator, streaming a variety of games daily.

He made clear that he would look at his options for competing once again come the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, but for the time being would remain with OpTic and grow his stream following.

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But as his desire to compete slowly crept up on him once again, Karma hinted at an earlier return to competition recently, saying he ‘felt lost’ without it.

He even suggested that he and the 2013 World Championship roster were considering getting back together for the fun of it, but due to Adam “KiLLa” Sloss’ Gamebattles ban, it wasn’t possible.

Now though, Karma has revealed he has received multiple offers to take part in the LCQ for 2018 Champs and is considering his options, perhaps even leaving the OpTic Gaming brand altogether.

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“I’m thinking of doing the LCQ with a squad, I’ve got some teams hitting me up, but I just don’t know.

My biggest issue right now – and I’ve got to talk to my agents, I really have to call them – pretty much I either lose the OpTic tag or I stay with the tag. And I don’t know man, that’s tough. I don’t want to but I don’t know man. I don’t know what to do.

If I play LCQ, it’s just like if a team needs me, I don’t want to get tied down.”

Karma still has a considerable number of Pro Points to his name, thanks to his placings so far in the CoD: WWII season, meaning he would all but guarantee an LCQ spot with a team.

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However, if he was to play the LCQ with under a different organization, there may be a conflict with his contract under OpTic Gaming, where he remains a full member.