Karma reveals frustration with OpTic CoD roster situation


Call of Duty offseason, stating that he and others are being “left in the dark.”

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In a unique rostermania, leading into the inaugural franchised league starting in 2020, many players are in a limbo of sorts, unsure of what is coming next for their careers.

Even legendary players like the three-time world champion Karma admits that he is ‘in the dark’ over his current situation, after posting a tweet suggesting he was open to offers, which took some fans by surprise.

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The three-time world champ is being kept in the “dark” over rostermania.

Alongside Karma, his long-time teammate Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter also confirmed free agency, marking the most significant roster announcement of the offseason.

Despite the changes for the upcoming season, Karma has explained that the roster change period “is literally a repeat of last year, and nobody wants to say anything to anyone.”

“So, I tweeted what I did, because I’m sitting here in the dark, doing nothing,” Karma continued, “While people are doing stuff, then no one says anything.”

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He continued: “I’m at the point where I would not be mad at anybody, I would rather people just (speak to me), like I’m 25, I’m not going to cry, just tell me what’s going on.”

Although he remains tight-lipped, it appears Karma is suspicious that moves are being made around him and his future, but is not being kept in the loop.

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What’s the future for OpTic CoD?

OpTic Gaming is in a very unique situation heading into the franchise league, as although they have a spot for an LA franchise, many fans feel disconnected to the brand following its takeover from Immortals.

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The players hinted at CoD Champs that it could be the last time they played together in the OpTic jersey, and after they fell short, finishing 3rd, things looked even bleaker for the once-dominant lineup.

Despite steamrolling the competition at the first event of the Black Ops 4 season, CWL Las Vegas, they couldn’t keep up this form, and rivals like 100 Thieves and eUnited became too strong. With Crimsix and Dashy now both hinting at the exit door, the new OpTic could look drastically different to what fans have been used to.

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With over a month until Modern Warfare is released, and the league not beginning until January, there is still plenty of time for rosters to be formed. All the league spots have not even been finalized yet.

Karma is almost certain to be offered a starting position on a team, given his illustrious career, but there will be a lot more behind the scenes action before anything is confirmed.

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