JGOD exposes “world’s worst” cheater hit by Warzone anti-cheat live on stream

. 22 days ago
Picture of JGOD over an image of Warzone Season 3 Reloaded
Activision/YouTube: JGOD

A Warzone streamer has been accused of cheating after clips started to spread of him trying (and failing) to kill enemies, allegedly using aimbot, with his frustration growing after every single death. Now, streamers like JGOD are calling him out.

Hacking has long been a massively frustrating issue in the Warzone community. It became so rampant that Activision eventually had to implement the RICOCHET anti-cheat system which, while it didn’t have an immediate significant impact, has helped drop the number of cheaters.

That said, the issue hasn’t become completely obsolete as, just like in any other multiplayer game, cheaters are able to get in and ruin others’ fun.

RICOCHET’s anti-cheat measures, though, don’t always simply block players from loading in, and when a player is suspicious, they start to implement measures before the cheater gets a full ban — and it incurs some hilarious reactions.

One streamer, who many are accusing of cheating, was called out by popular Warzone wizard JGOD and Toronto Ultra streamer Royalize, showing a suspicious clip of the streamer as well as proof that his K/D had jumped from 1.2 to 5+ “overnight.”

That wasn’t all, though, as more clips started to surface of the streamer hitting ‘suspicious’ clips.

They all show the streamer, bustbeforetrust, hitting a lot of headshots, not missing any of his shots and, once RICOCHET caught on, his bullets simply doing no damage — a strong indication that the anti-cheat is operating against him.

Bustbeforetrust responded to many of the tweets aimed at him, denying any allegations of cheating, attributing his improved skill to being a veteran player and a switch to PC.

“Sir I don’t use aimbot think what you want IDC honestly I know my skill and potential,” he said. “Only words I have for you or any other hater is …. GET BETTER and stop being a broke a*s and buy a good PC.”

At the time of writing, his Twitch channel is still live, despite pleas from community members to report and get him removed from the platform.

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