Blatant Warzone hacker accuses streamer MerK of cheating after killing him

warzone streamer merk on blurred rebirth island with warzone logo in cornerActivision/YouTube: MerK

Warzone streamer and former Call of Duty pro Joe ‘MerK’ DeLuca was left in hysterics after he killed a blatant hacker in Rebirth Island — and they accused him of cheating.

Hacking has been a problem rife in Warzone ever since it was released and, despite the implementation of the Ricochet anti-cheat, it’s an issue that hasn’t completely subsided.

Cheaters still run rampant across Caldera and Rebirth Island, but more recently, developers Raven Software have taken certain measures to hinder the performance of cheats.

One of these is that they simply don’t do any damage to opponents sometimes, no matter how much they shoot them — and it’s enraging hackers even more than they already are.

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ricochet anti-cheatActivision
RICOCHET has dropped, but cheats have not gone away in their entirety.

MerK has played with and against some of the best players in Call of Duty history, but he knows when someone simply isn’t legitimately that good — especially when the anti-cheat is working with him.

MerK came up against a duo on top of the Prison in Rebirth Island, when he started getting peppered by one of them — before quickly realizing that they hadn’t actually done any damage.

After killing the cheater’s teammate (who was doing damage so, presumably, not cheating), MerK toyed with the hacker before finally putting him out of his misery.

To make matters even funnier, and leaving MerK in stitches, once he finally killed the cheater, they said that they “need whatever hacks you got.”

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He then invited the cheater to his lobby, and said if he wants the hacks, he’ll have to subsribe on Twitch then uninstall the game.

While hackers are incredibly frustrating in Warzone, there’s no denying that their complaints about cheats not working is incredibly funny.