Censor denies Activision “stopped” him exposing Nadia in cheating controversy

Censor in YouTube videoYouTube: Censor

Aspiring Call of Duty League pro Doug ‘Censor’ Martin has denied allegations that Activision “stopped” him from exposing Warzone streamer Nadia in the ensuing cheating controversy around her.

For a while now, Nadia has been at the center of a litany of hacking accusations, with prominent ‘hackusation’ YouTubers claiming that she is definitely cheating, though no insurmountable evidence has been provided up to the time of writing.

This came to a head when Censor hinted that he would be putting out an exposé video on her, with the help of a Vanguard ranked player, who built a system that could pull data of those using popular hacking software and find their Activision ID, thus being able to out them as hackers.

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This rumored video never actually happened, and actually ended with Censor riding a jetski and ‘proposing’ to Nadia, an offer she was quick to shoot down.

Censor has had to come out to defend himself, as a known ‘hackuser’ claimed that they believed Activision stopped Censor exposing Nadia, calling it “a scandal of biblical proportions.”

Censor responded, saying: “This is fake news. I wanted to make a troll video and validate Nadia as the content genius she has been over these last few months. Sorry if this makes the catch-a-hacker community upset, but I’m really not that sorry.”

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He added that “These clickbait videos trying to stretch how people hack never end well.”

The accuser didn’t respond to Censor’s statement, though some commenters suggested they thought the same had happened.

This came around the same time that Censor claimed in a now-deleted tweet that Activision had stopped him playing in the CDL Resurgence Fortune’s Keep $100k tournament due to his “harassment” of Nadia.