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Infinity Ward reveal Warzone fixes they’re working on for future updates

Published: 19/Mar/2020 21:53 Updated: 20/Mar/2020 17:57

by Albert Petrosyan


There are a number of bugs and issues that need fixing in Call of Duty: Warzone, and Infinity Ward have outlined everything they’re working to address for the battle royale.

Warzone is Call of Duty’s second run at the battle royale genre, following 2018’s Blackout, and it’s taken over the genre for the time being, leaving the likes of Fortnite and Apex Legends in the dust.


However, as with every game that’s just been released and is still in beta, it’s plagued with issues that can hinder the gaming experience – from major bugs to minor hitches.

As part of their effort to maintain good communication with their player-base, Infinity Ward have updated their Modern Warfare Trello page to include Warzone issues as well.


While a good chunk of reported bugs has been fixed, there is still a good amount of them that are in the works, some of which are closer to completion than others.

There are two main areas of focus – fixes that will be coming in a near-future update and issues that are still being investigated, the solutions for which have not yet been determined.

Despite its incredible success, Warzone still has its share of bugs, glitches, and issues.

Fixes coming in future Warzone updates

There are three issues for which Infinity Ward have found fixes for but haven’t implemented them in-game, as they’ll be rolled out in “future updates.”

  • Players who disconnect from a match will not drop any items that they were carrying.
  • Players who are the last to die and attempt to leave the game, they’ll see a ‘your squad can still revive you’ message even though there are no squad mates alive.
  • Players will rarely see full-screen black corruption when naturally progressing through the map.

It’s not clear exactly when these will be addressed in-game, but with Infinity Ward releasing updates almost every week, players should be rest assured knowing that it’ll happen at some point in the coming weeks.

A few Warzone issues have already been addressed, and fixes for them will be implemented in a future update.

Issues still being investigated

As expected, this section of the Warzone list on Trello is a lot longer than the previous one, especially since more and more of these bugs and glitches seem to be popping up every day.

There are currently seven of these issues – five that are being investigated and one that’s only an open ticket for now, meaning the devs haven’t even given it a look yet.

  • Reports of white flashes of light/VFX when firing since the 3/10 update. This appears in all modes including Warzone.
  • Firing a smoke grenade with the Underbarrel 40mm smokescreen launcher does not emit any smoke from the grenade.
  • Reports of a bug that could kick players from a match if they became stuck on the loading screen.
  • The animation for the player’s character equipping a gas mask will interrupt and block player from deploying their parachute.
  • Reports of players seeing smoke coming from their character model as they move across the map.
  • Option to report players in Warzone is missing.
  • Weapons that have been switched to Single-fire Mode cannot be dropped/swapped for another weapon until switched back to full auto
  • Plunder – Players going into consecutive matches are seeing it end shortly after joining. (not yet being investigated)

Obviously, with how difficult addressing certain issues can be, there’s no timetable for when players can expect these fixes to be implemented. For now, everyone will just have to deal with them until Infinity Ward are able to take action.

Call of Duty

Iconic Barret 50 cal sniper rifle leaked in Black Ops Cold War

Published: 20/Oct/2020 0:42 Updated: 20/Oct/2020 0:53

by Tanner Pierce


After the Black Ops Cold War Beta was available on PC, data-miners and hackers scoured through the game’s code to find hidden features, and some of them have seemingly stumbled upon a usable/playable version of a classic Call of Duty sniper rifle – the Barret .50 cal.

Unfortunately, with a little bit less than 24 hours to go, the Black Ops Cold War Beta is almost over. While most people spent the weekend knee-deep in the game’s base weapons, maps, modes, etc., many PC data-miners were enjoying everything the pre-release version had to offer that was hidden in the game’s coding.


Throughout the weekend, many players were leaking parts of the game’s code that referred to a number of unreleased features. While most of them were obviously left-over assets from Black Ops 4 or, at the very least, unsubstantiated pieces of data, there seems to be a classic sniper coming to the game.

A Black Ops Cold War Beta mod video from YouTuber Andrew2007 seems to show the Barrett .50 cal, a fan-favorite sniper rifle from several previous Call of Duty title, as a part of the game, although it appears that the gun is named ‘Barret M82’ for BOCW.


As can be seen in the video below, the weapon isn’t done, as there are no firing and reloading sound associated with the weapon. There isn’t even a scope texture, with a white square taking its place. This makes sense, as unreleased weapons generally don’t have all the assets associated with them attached until much closer to release.

For those confused as to why the rifle is firing at such a high rate, this is due to the mods that the user installed for the game. The actual Barret will certainly not function that way if and when it gets fully released.

Speaking of which, it’s also entirely possible that the video is fake and that the YouTuber simply modded the weapon into the game. Still, it looks pretty convincing, and given the fact that other prominent leak pages like leaker ModerWarzone have corroborated, its existence seems more likely than not.


The inclusion of the Barrett 50 cal is certainly a welcome one. The gun was featured in CoD 4: Modern Warfare, MW2, MW3, and even Black Ops 2’s story campaign. A variant of it was also featured in Modern Warfare (2019) but it was titled the Rytec AMR and featured some differences from the original.

The Barrett 50 cal sniper has been featured in multiple Call of Duty games including every entry of the Modern Warfare series.

What’s most likely to happen with this gun, judging from the fact that it wasn’t even included in the beta or alpha, is that it’s being saved for the post-launch content that Activision and Treyarch are planning on releasing.

Either way, it won’t be long until we find out since Black Ops Cold War is set to release on November 13, 2020.


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