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Infinity Ward confirm new area of Warzone map coming

Published: 3/May/2020 19:44

by Bill Cooney


In a new interview, Call of Duty developers from Infinity Ward revealed that a “whole other part” of Warzone’s map that we haven’t seen yet.

Since Warzone released in March, players have gotten very familiar with the Verdansk map, which was actually inspired by several real-world locations in Ukraine.

Soon, though, Warzone fans will have a whole new area of Verdansk to explore, according to Taylor Kurosaki of Infinity Ward.

Infinity Ward
Warzone players will have more locations to drop into, according to devs.

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In an interview with GamerGen, Kurosaki confirmed that players were correct when they speculated there was much more to Verdansk than what we currently get to play on.


“Players have already discovered that there is a whole other part of Verdansk they haven’t seen yet,” he said. “They have found clues, and that there is more than meets the eye in this city.”

“Season 4 will unravel some of those mysteries and unlock some of them for our players,” Kurosaki continued. “As the battle in Verdansk wages on, things will grow more desperate.”

Infinity Ward
Season 4 of Modern Warfare will indeed be introducing a new Warzone map.

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Even more new content coming for Warzone Season 4

Besides a new map, Kurosaki said that there would also be more new operators available for players to try out as they continue to battle for Verdansk.

“As the battle in Verdansk wages on, things will grow more desperate,” he reveals. “There are going to be more and more fighters sent in to turn the tide and we’re very excited to get our players to see and join alongside these new great warriors as they continue to fight.”


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Exactly how many new operators and how they’ll work is still unknown, but we do know they and the expanded Verdansk map will both be coming with Season 4.

Each season of Modern Warfare lasts roughly eight weeks. Season 3 launched on Wednesday, April 8, so we can probably expect Season 4 to launch on or around Wednesday, June 3.