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HusKers & Symfuhny win TeeP’s $10K Warzone tournament: final placements

Published: 29/May/2020 1:10 Updated: 29/May/2020 1:18

by Albert Petrosyan


NRG Fortnite pro Symfuhny and battle royale superstar HusKers have won TeeP’s Trials, Tyler Polchow’s $10,000 Warzone tournament that’s part of the all-new Doritos Disruptor Series on Twitch Rivals.

The Doritos Disruptor Series is a new competition from Twitch Rivals that will feature five top content creators hosting several tournaments, starting with TeeP’s Warzone event on May 28.

There was no shortage of star names in this event as some of the biggest streamers on Twitch battled it out in CoD’s newest battle royale for a slice of the $10,000 prize pool.

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TeeP’s Trials Warzone tourney recap

The first round featured four high-profile matchups, with Symfuhny & HusKers, Nadeshot & Tommey, Scump & FormaL, and NICKMERCS & Swagg advancing to the semifinal stage.


The duos of Crowder & Maven, Crimsix & Aydan, DougisRaw & Bronana, and Cloakzy & Dr Disrespect lost their matches and were thus eliminated since this was a single-elimination bracket.

Quarterfinals 1 Symfuhny & HusKerrs 45:44 Crowder & Maven
Quarterfinals 2 Crimsix & Aydan 25:46 Nadeshot & Tommey
Quarterfinals 3 Scump & Formal 37:34 Bronana & DougIsRaw
Quarterfinals 4 Cloakzy & DrDisrespect 34:59 NICKMERCS & Swagg

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In the semifinals, it was Symfuhny and HusKerrs showing just why they’re an all-star Warzone duo by taking out Nadeshot & Tommey, while on the other side of the bracket, FormaL & Scump secured their own Grand Final spot by defeating NICKMERCS & Swagg.

That match also produced a mindblowing moment when FormaL sniped an enemy player out of a helicopter, causing it to crash into Nick and eliminate him. Because Swagg was already dead by that point, the sequence resulted in the CoD pros winning the match.


Semifinals 1 Symfuhny & HusKerrs 35:30 Nadeshot & Tommey
Semifinals 2 Scump & Formal 25:23 NICKMERCS & Swagg

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Although the Grand Final featured two star-studded duos against each other, the match actually ended up being a pretty-one sided affair. HusKers and Symfuhny jumped out to a quick early lead in the first game, allowing them to coast easily to a 46-31 overall victory.

Finals Symfuhny & HusKerrs 46:31 Scump & FormaL

Then came the bonus challenge – a ‘Final Boss Match’ against TeeP himself, who partnered up with the Call of Duty League’s MerK. The CoD legends casted the event from start to finish, and the winners were given a chance to face them for a chance at $2,000 in additional prizes.

That also proved to be no issue for the pair of battle royale studs, as Symfuhny and HusKers took the match quite easily, 67-36, to add to their already stacked first-place prize.


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TeeP’s Trials final placements & bracket

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Placement Team Prizing
1 HusKers & Symfuhny $4,000 + $2,000 bonus
2 Scump & FormaL $2,000
3/4 Nadeshot & Tommey $1,000
3/4 NICKMERCS & Swagg $1,000
5/8 DougisRaw & Bronana
5/8 Crimsix & Aydan
5/8 Crowder & Maven
5/8 Dr Disrespect & Cloakzy

Players and teams

There were 16 streamers participating today, split into eight teams of two since this is a 2v2 competition. As mentioned above, there was some serious star power being featured – a healthy mix of top Twitch streamers, battle royale stars, pro Call of Duty players, and more.

  • DrDisrespect & Cloakzy
  • Crimsix & Aydan
  • NICKMERCS & Swagg
  • Symfuhny & HusKers
  • Scump & FormaL
  • Nadeshot & Tommey
  • Crowder & Maven
  • DougisRaw & Bronana

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Format & scoring

TeeP’s Trials was a 2v2 single-elimination Warzone tournament that employed what is commonly referred to as a ‘kill-race’ format. The teams matched against each other in each round queued into a Quads lobby together and tried to get as many eliminations as they could. So, while they were technically teammates in-game, they were opponents for the purposes of the competition.


After two games of Warzone, the duo with the more combined eliminations advanced to the next round while the losing team was eliminated.

Once the final standings were set, the first-place team then got to face TeeP and MerK in a ‘Final Boss Match’ for an extra $2,000, which meant that the winners could walk away from this event with $6,000 in total prizes.