CoD Warzone player reveals how to get double kills in the Gulag

Brad Norton
Infinity Ward

Warzone’s Gulag serves as a way for players to earn their spot back in the battle royale with a high-pressure 1v1 battle, but one Modern Warfare player has discovered spectators can get involved in a big way too. 

Since Infinity Ward released its battle royale, Call of Duty players have been sinking their teeth into the enormous, free-to-play title and figuring out new elements with each session.

From the best perks, to the best landing spots, there’s plenty of knowledge to gain in order to get an edge over everyone in your lobby. One fascinating tidbit, is that players are actually able to get kills while spectating in the Gulag. Not just one, but both competitors can be wiped out thanks to this explosive tactic.

Infinity Ward
Gulag 1v1s send the victor straight back into the battle royale map to make the most of a second chance.

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While waiting for your 1v1 to start up, the game allows you to throw some haymakers at nearby enemies and also pelt a few rocks. Both of which deal completely insignificant damage and are more so meant as a form of distraction above all else.

Amusingly enough, the projectiles deal a single hit-point of damage, similar to the direct impact of a stun grenade. As a result, players have been able to take down one of the two competitors. Ramping things up a notch, a newly discovered trick allows these rocks to take down both rivals midway through their 1v1.

If the battling duo happen to spawn in with Trip Mines as their lethal equipment, the explosives are able to be triggered with a well-placed throw from spectators waiting in the wings. 

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As the Gulag often provides players with a sidearm or a shotgun, gunfights typically end up in a close-range scenario. With enemies aiming to take one another out in close-proximity, the explosive radius of the Trip Mine is able to hit both players.

“What the f***,” Reddit user ‘burek_with_yoghurt’ said before laughing at their explosive double kill in the Gulag.

Confused as to how such a scenario would play out, ‘DxtersLab’ shared some insight and explained how “neither” of the killed players make it back into the match. 

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Likely scratching their heads after being kicked from the game seemingly from nowhere, both players were made aware of just how lethal Trip Mines can actually be.

While Frag and Semtex Grenades are fair play, the next time that you spawn into a 1v1 with Trip Mines equipped, deploy them at your own risk. Cheeky spectators could wipe you out in an instant.