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How to take out Warzone rooftop campers with simple strategy

Published: 21/Mar/2020 10:37

by Andy Williams


With snipers being all the range in Warzone, players are often tasked with getting rid of rooftop campers — and here’s the perfect strategy to take them down!

In Call of Duty: Warzone, sniping is the meta. Verdansk is littered with tall buildings and sniper spots — leaving players on the ground powerless against the wrath of those pesky marksmen.

Up until now, Verdansk has been a sniper’s paradise. Whether it’s an AX-50, Dragunov or HDR, you will have likely fallen victim to one of these deadly weapons since the game’s release.

Rooftop snipers in Call of Duty: Warzone.
Warzone is essentially a battle of the higher ground, with squads often camping on top of buildings.

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However, one savvy player has found the ideal way to take down those rooftop assassins — and the solution is pretty simple.


Posting their discovery to the Warzone subreddit, a Redditor showed that all you need is a Heartbeat Sensor and a well-placed Precision Airstrike to do those snipers dirty — taking down two rooftop campers with next to no effort.

First, the player uses their Heartbeat sensor from within the building to identify their approximate location. Second, they place the Precision Airstrike marker inside (roughly where the enemies would be) to avoid the laser showing up.

I feel like people already knew this, but if you didnt, heres how to get rid of roof campers from CODWarzone

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Since the airstrike marker doesn’t show up on the rooftop, the player’s foes were caught off-guard as they had no prior indication that a Precision Airstrike would be raining on their parade.


Since Heartbeat Sensors are dotted all over Verdansk, players will easily be able to get their hands on one. A Precision Airstrike, however, will set you back $3,500… So make sure you’re being the biggest gold digger on the server, to ensure you have enough in the bank!

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Failing that, of course, you could just take a leaf out of Apex Legends pro Jordan ‘HusKers’ Thomas’ book, who beamed a rooftop camper from their post, as he emptied his MP7 clip from an absurd range.

The vast majority of us, however, will have to resort to the more conservative tactic of placing an airstrike beneath our unsuspecting enemies — saving that all-important MP7 ammo for later.