Leaked Warzone menus reveal what new features are coming next

. 2 years ago
Infinity Ward

Newly leaked menu screen images for Call of Duty’s new Warzone battle royale may have revealed that squads and duo modes are coming in the future, along with custom game options and features.

Infinity Ward introduced a brand new solos playlist in Warzone’s March 17 update, the first post-launch content added to the battle royale.

This means players can currently drop in solo or with teams of three, but a new leak could point to playlists for duos and squads of four coming soon, as well.

It looks like options to play in duos and squads will be added to Warzone in the near future.

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The leak was posted to Twitter by ModernWarzone, who credited a user on Discord by the name of Shenlord for originally bringing the images to their attention.

Both images show a menu for setting up a custom Warzone game, with the option to choose duos or squads – two game modes that were always assumed to be added eventually, but never seen in-game until now.

Being able to run your own private matches and even change the rules in them is something a lot of players have been asking for with Warzone, and it seems like that feature will finally be making its way to the game.

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Other battle royales like Fortnite offer duos and squads, so it only makes sense that Infinity Ward would also add them to Warzone.

As to when we could see these new features added: if there are screenshots of them floating around, that means they probably aren’t too far off.

We saw the first Warzone update on Tuesday, March 17, so it might be worth keeping an eye on next Tuesday, March 24 as the date for when we could see the next patch.

Tuesday’s seem to be Warzone’s update days, but whether or not we’ll see duos and squads added next update is up to devs.

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Like Apex Legends, Warzone initially debuted only offering trios matches; but for a game getting as much hype and attention from fans, it only makes sense for devs to add more modes as quickly as possible.

Having modes available from solos up to squads should give most players the option the play the battle royale the way they prefer, and potentially help Warzone stick around for the long haul.

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