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How to stop annoying Gas Mask animation in Call of Duty Warzone

Published: 7/Sep/2020 21:06

by Tanner Pierce


The Gas Mask in Call of Duty: Warzone is notorious for its annoying animation that occurs every time the character puts it on. Some players, like prominent FaZe Clan YouTuber Pamaj, have found a clever workaround.

One of the most valuable things you can find in Warzone is the Gas Mask, which basically grants you immunity to the enclosing circle of suffocating gar around you. This can be extremely helpful if you’re falling behind the circle’s edge or if you spot some useful gear outside of the safe zone and want to grab it real quick.

While it’s certainly a useful tool, the item also has its downsides, chief of which is the frustrating animation that takes place when your Operator puts it on and takes it off.


While this may not seem like a problem at first glance, the motion automatically starts every time you come into contact with the gas, so if you’re skirting around the edge trying to pick off straggling enemies, your character can be left vulnerable during those sequences.

The Gas Mask in Warzone allows players to survive in the approaching gas circle for a few minutes.

Luckily, players have found a clever way to avoid this issue, and the secret lies with the Heartbeat Sensor.

The idea is to pull out the Heartbeat Sensor before you enter the gas and/or exit it; as long as you have the device out and operating, your Operator will not do the Gas Mask animation but still have the benefit of its protection.


Here’s popular CoD content creator Pamaj’s tweet showing this technique in action:

And that’s it! It’s unknown whether or not this is a bug in the game or a feature, but right now, it’s the only thing that effectively works against the Gas Mask’s annoying function.

It’s ironic that the solution involved the Heartbeat Sensor since it’s already such a powerful and overused device in Warzone that this is only an extra benefit of having it in every one of your loadouts.