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How to get Modern Warfare rewards by watching CDL – all items revealed

Published: 24/May/2020 1:27 Updated: 24/May/2020 1:55

by Alan Bernal


Modern Warfare players have an extra incentive to tune into the Call of Duty League Home Series streams since they can collect rewards including Double XP tokens, team sprays, player cards, and more – and we’ve got all the info on how to redeem these prizes.

With a lot of professional Call of Duty left to be played in 2020, Activision are releasing the beta for their rewards program to pique Modern Warfare player’s interests.

To be eligible for the rewards, audiences should link up their Activision accounts while watching CDL games on the league website or the Call of Duty companion app on iOS or Android devices.


This means that, despite the fact that all Home Series matches are streamed on YouTube, your time watched on the platform will not be submitted, as only the CoD app or official website count.

How to sign up for CDL Rewards

  1. Create an account by going to the Call of Duty page and clicking on the drop-down menu to sign up for an Activision account.
  2. Login in to your account on the Call of Duty site or CoD app.
  3. Navigate to account settings where you can link your Activision login to either a PlayStation, Xbox, or account.
  4. Once you’ve completed those steps, simply tune into a Home Series, starting with CDL Seattle on May 24, where you can start tracking viewing time to rake in the rewards.
CDLDon’t forget to link your Activision account to your PlayStation, Xbox, or account to become eligible.

All CDL Home Series Rewards

There will be 42 tiers of rewards that start to reward players after watching only 5 minutes of CDL action.

After that, the rewards start to open up with the ability to get in-game items fashioned with the colors and icon for CDL teams.

Collecting the rewards would be an excellent way for a CDL fan to represent their favorite team during Modern Warfare matches.

The banners, sprays, and calling cards can be used across all platforms including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.


There are still five Home Series left in the regular season for the CDL, giving players ample time to tune in to collect every reward for the 2020 campaign.