How to find new Gas Mask secretly added to Warzone in Season 5

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Call of Duty Warzone Gas Masks
Infinity Ward

Season 5 of Warzone may have changed the map in all-new ways, but Infinity Ward also dropped a few secrets throughout Verdansk, including a newly discovered Gas Mask. Here’s where you can find it, how it works, and everything else there is to know about the item.

Gas Masks are absolutely vital in Warzone. If you’re closing in on a victory, chances are that the final zone is rapidly shrinking around you. Since the battle royale experience went live, there has only been one type of Gas Mask in the game. However, Infinity Ward secretly changed that on August 5 with the Season 5 update.

The standard version of the item allows players to survive in the deadly gas for a total of 15 seconds. That short period of time could be critical as you look to reposition and make your way to safety. Now it appears there’s an even more effective version of the life-saving item.

Warzone’s Stadium opened up at the launch of the new Season, filled to the brim with secrets. While players quickly figured out a new easter egg, it seems there’s more to it than meets the eye. A new ‘Durable Gas Mask’ is available within the Stadium and here’s what you need to know.

What is the new Gas Mask in Warzone Season 5?

Call of Duty Warzone Gas Mask
Reddit: u/aur0n
The new ‘Durable Gas Mask’ is far more efficient than its standard counterpart.

The latest Season quietly tucked away an all-new Gas Mask. It wasn’t addressed in the official patch notes, dataminers couldn’t spot it ahead of time, and Infinity Ward is still yet to properly reveal it. However, players have started to spot them in the wild and get their first experience with an upgraded version of the item.

It’s labeled as a ‘Durable’ Gas Mask so as you would expect, it’s a bit tougher than the original item. Instead of lasting for 15 seconds, the total endurance of this variant is roughly doubled.

The new version appears with a golden tinge on your Heads Up Display, indicating just how rare it truly is. There’s only one way to get a hold of the long-lasting Gas Mask. Here’s how.

Where to find the Durable Gas Mask in Warzone Season 5

Call of Duty Warzone Stadium
Infinity Ward
You’ll need to find hidden keycards across the Stadium to have a chance at finding the new Gas Mask.

Unlike regular Gas Masks, you simply won’t be able to find this version out in the wild. It’s not included in the floor loot pool, meaning you won’t spot it on the ground, or even in chests. You also can’t purchase one from a Buy Station just yet.

The only way to actually get your hands on one is to go through the secret areas inside the Stadium. Through keycards hidden across the newly revamped point of interest, three unique locations can be accessed.

Making your way through to one of these areas won’t guarantee this exact drop, however. The Durable Gas Mask is an extremely rare spawn, even in this hidden spot.

You’ll need to find a keycard and then cross your fingers in hope of spotting one. Moreover, if you’re playing as part of a Duo, Trio, or full squad, it’s likely only one will spawn for your entire team, leaving a few of your squadmates without an item.

Call of Duty Warzone Stadium keycard
Infinity Ward
There are three keycards that open three unique locations inside the Stadium.

While this new Gas Mask is rare at the moment, there’s every chance we see it added into the standard loot pool as Season 5 rolls on.

It’s also not the only high-tier item up for grabs in the secret Stadium location; other players have managed to find Advanced UAVs as well.

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