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How to complete Warzone’s Sins of the Father Intel Mission

Published: 12/Sep/2020 15:36

by Connor Bennett


A new intel mission, the Sins of the Father, is now in Call of Duty: Warzone. Here is a step-by-step guide and the locations you’ll need to grab the XP reward. 

As the weeks have unfolded, plenty of new content has been added to Warzone. Be it a new weapon, a new character, or a change to the playlist, players have had something to look forward to. 

On top of those, somewhat big changes, weekly missions have also been added that are all connected with a bigger story. Though, the bigger reward from them is a bundle of XP that you can use to level up with. 


Following on from the previous Intel mission, a new one called the Sins of the Father has been added to the mix, and here’s where you need to go to find the key bits of intel. 

Screenshot of the Prison location in Warzone
The first clue for the intel mission takes you to Prison.

Sins of the Father – Intel #1

When you get the mission underway, you’ll be given a small hint about the first piece of intel that you’ll need to find so that you can truly start the intel mission. 

This first piece of intel requires you to head to back to the Prison location and find a small coin. 

Head to the tower that is on the right side of the entrance – if you were looking from the Prison outwards and you can’t miss it. Interact with the coin and you’ll have the first step ticked off.


Sins of the Father intel 1
The first piece of intel is on top of Prison.

Sins of the Father – Intel 2

After finding the coin, you’ll have to travel across the map to the Airport. Here, you’ll find the Metro exit with a CCTV camera on a building nearby. Simply interact with the camera for your second piece of intel. 

sins of the father intel 2
The second piece of intel is a camera near Airport.

Sins of the Father – Intel 3 & 4

For the third piece of intel, you’ll have to explore the Superstore. You can’t avoid the fight by heading to the roof, instead, it’s sat inside on a pallet near the back of the store. 

As for the fourth, you’ll have to go to one of Verdansk’s most popular locations – Stadium. Go to the most southerly corner and find a truck that has its back doors open. Hop on in and interact with the intel to claim it. 


The third intel (top) is inside Superstore but the fourth is outside of Stadium.

Sins of the Father – Intel 5 & 6

For the final two steps, you will actually have to complete Warzone’s Stadium easter egg. A walkthrough guide for that can be found here

Once that’s done, head into Suite 320 and collect the three pieces of intel that are sat on the boards. 

After that, you’ll need the keycard that is labeled P2-16. You might get lucky and find this as a part of the easter egg, and if so, head to the parking lot, open the locked room, and then collect the final bit of intel off the desk. 

Once you’ve completed every step, the game will register the Intel mission as being complete and you’ll be rewarded with a bonus bit of XP. 


There is no expiry date on when you can complete the challenge, so don’t worry about getting your skates on. Just hop into Warzone and find that intel.