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How the new Tomogunchi pet toy works in Modern Warfare

Published: 3/Mar/2020 21:21

by Alan Bernal


Infinity Ward finally released the Tomogunchi toy watches with the launch of the Modern Warfare March 3 update, but it’ll take skilled players to keep the digital pets alive.

Just like the popular toys from the late 1990s, the Tomogunchis ask their owners to keep small animal avatars happily fed and alive by providing them nutrients throughout their lives.

Modern Warfare players will be able to choose from a range of virtual pets including a panda, a dog, and a dragon. Unlike real-life handheld devices, however, players will have a different way of providing for their Tomogunchi.

Modern Warfare’s new Tomogunchi pets

Infinity Ward
Quickly growing your Tomogunchi will depend on which pet you get.

After buying into the Tomogunchi Bundle, players can put on their new watch pet by going into the Watch Select menu from the Weapons tab equipping it from there.


Tomogunchi pets can be fed and evolved only if they are equipped to the player’s wrist, so don’t forget to select it before going into a match.

Once in the game, it will take time before the egg on the watch’s screen cracks open. Once it does, the pet will appear in its baby form and players can raise it into a child, a teenager, and then into an adult. Though Infinity Ward also teased “multiple pet forms and options to discover.”

Tomogunchi pet emotions

Infinity Ward
Keeping your Tomogunchi pet happy will require a balance of kills, captures, killstreaks, and more.

Tomogunchi pets have all sorts of emotions that include hungry, dirty, unruly, and sleepy. If your pet isn’t feeling any of those emotions, then it’s happy and you’re doing a great job at keeping it alive.


However, if it starts to slip into a mood, it’s your job to get it back into a happy state by providing it kills, objective scoring, killstreaks, and wins.

If a player fails to acquire those, then the Tomogunchi will go from happy to neutral then to sad and then will ultimately die. You can keep up with the status of your pet during the game by pushing up on the D-Pad or the up-arrow key, and use the ‘Watch Interact’ command. Engaging with your pet as you play MW is important to keep its spirits up.

Evolving your Tomogunchi

Players can evolve their Tomogunchi more quickly by using the “bonus charge.” A meter below the pets can be filled to speed up its growth, but there are different ways of loading up the bar depending on which pet you have.


By getting captures, killstreaks, plants, or top three wins, players can fill the meter up and quickly grow their pet. But keep checking up on your Tomogunchi to see which method speeds its growth quicker.

Infinity Ward aren’t being subtle about the secrets shrouded within the Tomogunchi watches so make sure to take care of your digital pets while playing Modern Warfare to discover them.